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Today I am talking about one of my favourite all time subjects when it comes to health and nutrition – WEIGHT TRAINING!!! If you want to transform your body and get into the best shape of your life then weight training is the answer.

I see so many women opting for classes (some of which do include some weights) or slogging it out on treadmills trying to lose weight and create the shape they want.

Yes. cardio is an important element of your training mix but how many of us really enjoy running for an hour on the treadmill? You have to be smart about how you balance your training and if you are a woman then weight training is an absolute must do!

Yes, there are plenty of classes that incorporate weights, which is great, but nothing is going to replace a solid weight session done either at the gym or at home.

I think we have been bombarded with so much marketing and advertising telling us that hours of cardio is the answer to fat loss that this is now ingrained in our psyche at the cost of not thinking about weight training as a fat loss option.

Don’t get me wrong cardio is going to help you lose weight but it is my experience that unless you really enjoy running or endurance based cardio it is hard to do the necessary hours and stay motivated long term to get the desired results.

The benefits of weight training are vast but the key one for me when it comes to fat loss is that in simple terms when you complete a weight session your body will continue to work hard and burn fat for many hours after you have finished, as your body goes through the process of repairing the muscles that you have ripped apart during the session (this is what causes that sore feeling). In a moderate cardio session your body will burn more fat whilst you are actually exercising rather then afterwards.

You will also be surprised how many calories you can burn in a weight session. In a typical 45 minute spin class you will probably burn somewhere between 300-500 calories depending on your intensity level. You can easily burn the same number of calories in a 45 minute weights workout done at a high intensity. This surprises everyone I tell especially those who pound the pavement or spin bikes on a weekly basis!

When it comes to creating shape in your body nothing can replace what weight training does. I weight train 3 days a week and I love the way it makes my body feel and I can control my body weight through weight training and of course the right nutrition (which is 80% of the fat loss equation).

I love the shape that I get in my shoulders and my bum as a result of the regular weight training that I do. It might come as a surprise to you but 100% of the fitness models you see in magazines or on social media achieved their amazing bodies by lifting weights rather than spending hours in a spin class.

Weight training also provides huge health benefits when it comes to bone density, building strength, balance and even things like lowering your blood pressure and stress levels.

If you are not using weights at the moment I strongly suggest you consider incorporating this 2-3 times per week into your training regime.

I also know that it can be intimidating to step out onto the weights floor at the gym so the best way to get around this is either get a friend to train with you or hire a personal trainer to help you get started with the program.

Lifting weights will change your body in a way you never thought possible, it will also make you feel strong, empowered and give you lots more energy every single day.

Lift heavy!

Kim x

If you are ready to start your own weight loss or health & fitness journey, my app includes all of my programs which will definitely help you achieve your goals. You will also get to experience my one of a kind support community which is truly amazing! Click here to read all about it and start  your 14 day free trial – if you have any questions please email my team and I anytime on 

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