My Top Tips to De-stress!


So many women today are stressed, some without even knowing it.

I know myself I very rarely have spare time between work, managing the house and the kids, I am just thankful that I am surrounded with loving, supportive people. Occasionally though, like everyone, I have been known to get a bit stressed!

When you stress your body produces a hormone called cortisol which is responsible for activating your body’s “fight or flight” response in stressful situations. When your body is under chronic stress, your cortisol levels remain high your immune system becomes low and you can be more susceptible to disease.

Here are some common signs that you might be stressed:

Do you sleep well?

If not it could be because you are stressed, you cortisol levels are supposed to drop at night and allow your body to calm down and relax, but if your stress hormone is too high you might find you toss and turn all night and wake up tired.

Are you putting on weight even though you are doing everything right?

Being stressed all the time has the ability to increase blood sugar levels in turn your body produces insulin, increasing your risk of diabetes, then once your blood sugar drops you start craving the wrong types of foods. Beyond this if your blood sugar levels are elevated your body is not in a position to burn fat.

Are you sick all the time?

When your stress hormone is elevated it causes havoc on your immune system leaving your prone to getting sick.

Do you suffer from headaches / migraines?

Stress can increase the body’s sensitivity to pain and is a huge factor when it comes to getting headaches regularly.

Do you suffer from an upset stomach, digestion problems or heartburn?

Stress has a huge effect on your gastrointestinal system, if you are not regular, or experience diarrhea or abdominal cramping, this can all be put down to stress.

A few tips to help alleviate stress:


This can be just taking 10 minutes out of your day and sitting somewhere quiet and just gathering your thoughts.

‘You’ Time

Make time for yourself to do something you want to do even if it is just once a week.

Give yourself a break

Don’t get worked up about the house work, washing, ironing etc because it will still be there tomorrow and it will eventually get done – don’t let this rule your life.


Exercise at least 3 times per week – this could be anything from a walk, swim, weight training etc. When you exercise your body produces happy hormones called endorphins – these are the type of hormones you want floating around in your body to keep you feeling good.

Eat well

If you eat well you will naturally feel good. Eating well has a huge impact on all aspects of your life, if you feel good you are guaranteed to look good!


Remember to breathe throughout your day, take some deep breaths, this will calm your body and mind.


Candles and music are also a visual and audio natural calming remedy. Nothing better!

This week try look after yourself, make yourself a priority by giving allowing some ‘YOU’ time and really enjoy the moment, I guarantee you will feel revitalized.

Stay healthy

Kim x

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