My Journey….

2012- I’m at the tail end of a work free year with my babies. I love being a mum, but I missed being challenged and I knew I wanted to get back into the health and fitness space. One day while folding the laundry (we can’t choose our profound moments) I had this crazy, undeniable feeling I was going to do something meaningful. I wanted to help women, but not only on the gym floor anymore – that’s where my dream began. Early 2013 – the most humble, handsome and wonderful man in the world (my husband) helped me to make this dream something tangible. Welcome to ‘Kim Beach’.

My favourite people – my world!

I would be a liar if I said the last seven years has been a breeze. How do you even get an online business off the ground?? Well I learned. I’m sure the house isn’t as tidy as it used to be, working for myself means more time around my kids though and nurturing their talents as well as pursuing my own passions.

I started ‘Kim Beach’ on Facebook. This was the pre-influencer era might I add, and was definitely finding my feet. The first post was about my infamous overnight oats (7 years on and they’re still a fav), clicking that ‘post’ button was way scarier than I’d like to admit! I kept posting though, and things really hit it off from there!

My first post on Facebook back in 2013!

I spent 12 months focused on recipes, all of which are still being used today. Many women following my posts were after more info though. This is how my beautiful third child #noexcuses came into the world. I wrote this self-tested 8 week program which even today is still helping women achieve amazing long term results for nutrition and weight loss.

Once I had #noexcuses up and running I then went on to create further babies, #nolimits, #noexcuseslife and #noexcusesvegan. Every single program came with its own private Facebook support group was run by my team and I, keeping it personal and responsive.

My app was launched in 2018. How do you even create an app??! Well I learned that too. Costing me a lot of time, money and sleep. Thank goodness I didn’t know how much stress developing an app involves before I started, because then maybe I wouldn’t have this magnificent, seamless, shiny beauty ready to be downloaded. The women using the KimBeachLife app can access it anytime, anywhere and easily stay in touch with my online community of like-minded supportive women that truly makes this product so unique.

My app ‘aka’ 3rd child – Kim Beach Life!

Like most women, seemingly strong or not, self-doubt has been an almost crippling factor in this whole process, I was constantly filled with anxiety. I second guessed every decision and was reduced to vomiting before any event. Despite my usual insistence that I didn’t need help (I really, really did) I gained life changing, could almost be considered as a spiritual hug from one amazing lady – forever grateful! Today I am running Retreats around the world, happily turning up to events, embracing public speaking and enjoying Facebook lives without the anxiety!

My Tuscany Retreat in 2019 – the best!!

With all the accomplishments aside, I’ve made some mistakes over the last 7 years but thankfully learnt A LOT from them.  I’m where I want to be mentally and excited about what is ahead, throughout the journey I have had a magical team that got this business to a place I could never do on my own and they deserve much, much more than these few sentiments! Without a doubt we’re ready for the next 7 years of challenge and growth!


And for those very supportive women who have been with me from the start, and my wonderful new readers – thanks for joining me on this crazy journey!

If you are ready to start your own weight loss or health & fitness journey, my app includes all of my programs which will definitely help you achieve your goals. You will also get to experience my one of a kind support community which is truly amazing! Click here to read all about it and start your 14 day free trial – if you have any questions please email my team and I anytime on 



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