Let’s Re-Connect!

I wanted to take some time out today to share some love and light whilst reconnecting with you! Whether you are currently on my app Kim Beach Life, or have done one of my programs in the past, maybe been to one of my retreats or you accidentally scrolled and this post appeared, may aim today is to bring ‘front of mind’ your feelings and conscious thoughts!

The past year or so has been tough and so many people have been affected in such a negative way. It is easy to say that adversity make you stronger, which is great when you have time to reflect down the track, it is right now though that I want to ask: ‘how are you?’.

Take some time now to ask yourself that question and see what physical and emotional response your body / mind gives you. You may find that you immediately start to get emotional and cry or you may have feelings of joy knowing that you are strong. Every one’s reaction will be different, whatever reaction you experience, acknowledge it in a positive way.

Here is another question: do you regularly allow yourself the time to understand and acknowledge how you are feeling?

Whether it is through meditation, relaxing or sitting in your car in the drive way after school drop off (yes, this is what I do to bring everything down a level and to reconnect with ‘me’). It is very easy sometimes to ignore the emotions you feel as life is busy, then one day you just get completely overwhelmed. Self connection is really important and it is the only way you can truly get to know your real self.

Reconnection starts with our emotions which are our road map to life, let them guide you when it comes to making decisions and living your life. Don’t get stuck in the overthinking, second guessing rollercoaster, allow yourself to feel the emotions you are feeling (good or bad), acknowledge and then if need be consciously choose again.

Don’t think it, feel it!

Example: Am I angry? Yes! Acknowledge then consciously choose again, choosing an emotion that has a higher vibration. What ever emotion you are feeling whether it be anger, worried, doubtful etc take the time to acknowledge it so you can give yourself the opportunity to raise your vibration with an emotion that makes you feel better.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to live in pure happiness and joy? To be in this state permanently is obviously difficult and for many unachievable but it is what we all should be aiming for.

It has become part of our family now, when someone is upset or worried we immediately say to the person ‘choose again’. It started off as a fun joke which has stuck! It is such a great tool to use as it forces you to acknowledge where you are at in that moment and consciously choose a better emotion and feel it.

Over the past 18 months since March 2020 when the world changed, I have found myself going through many emotions and slowly working through them, doing lots of research and also reaching out for different levels of help which has been amazing, just knowing that taking on other peoples energy that has a higher vibration makes you feel so great.

I have also acknowledged the way my body has reacted to the stress, the uncertainty and my workload. To be honest my body has not coped, lots of aches and pains, so recently I have started getting regular massages / acupuncture as a way of looking after myself, these sessions have been extremely painful whilst being so beneficial for me physically and mentally which is what counts.

When you start to realise that every thought you think effects the cells in your body, you become consciously aware of the choice of embracing a positive mindset no matter what you are going through, it so important. Be aware that it is a lot easier to be negative or allow your internal voice to bring you down, it takes courage and self-belief to be consciously positive towards yourself and others.

What you think about, you bring about!

If you can attract the right mindset by embracing the right energy you will be surprised at how wonderful your life will start to become. I hope this reconnection blog makes you feel like I have just given you a huge hug filled with beautiful energy and if you have been a little caught up lately it is a gentle reminder that you are the one person who matters, be the one who attracts the right energy and lifts the energy of those around you.

Kim x

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