Let me walk you through a day on my app KimBeachLife

I get asked all the time about the type of food in my programs, a lot of people seem to have a certain perception of ‘healthy’ food and its one of the reasons I create all the recipes myself in my own kitchen. My recipes are designed for busy women, they can be cooked fast, and require minimal ingredients and prep.

I consider it my mission to show everyone how healthy food can taste great plus how it can help you reach your weight loss or health & fitness goals.

Let me walk you though what a day on my new app program looks like and please have a think about whether these meals are something you can embrace on the way to reaching your goals.

I have down a variety of meals below, in the app you can choose a full selection of either vegan, vegetarian or balanced options.

Click here to read all about  my app program & see how you can start your 7 day free trial

Meal 1 – Chocnana Pancakes  Click here to download the recipe  

Meal 1 – Breakfast – Sweet Quinoa Porridge – Click here to download the recipe 

Meal 2 – Morning Tea –  Asparagus & Quinoa Muffins     Click here to download the recipe  

Meal 3 – Lunch –  Edamame Bowl  (feel free to add chicken!)   Click here to download the recipe 

Meal 4 – Afternoon Tea – Sweet Green Smoothie – Click here to download the recipe 

Meal 5 – Dinner – Maple & Balsamic Lamb Click here to download the recipe 

Meal 5 – Lamb Souvlaki –  Click to download the recipe 

I hope you enjoy all of these new recipes & remember if your goal this year is to lose weight, build muscle & shred or just maintain a healthy lifestyle then my new app program is perfect for you!

Click here to find out all about my app, how it can help you smash your weight loss and fitness goals and how to start your free 7 day trial 

Watch my app intro video below, NB: now available for Apple and Android!

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