The last 12 months have been an amazing ride, here’s my story and how I went from being a full time personal trainer to a working mum, to launching ‘Fit Fun Fabulous’ & helping people all over the world achieve their training, nutrition and well being goals!

My own personal health and fitness journey started in 2002 when I completed a two year ‘Diploma in Fitness’. Following this achievement, I started work as a personal trainer at ‘Vision Personal Training’ in Sydney, Australia. It was during this time that I developed my passion for helping others achieve their goals. There is nothing more satisfying than someone looking you in the face and telling you that, as direct result of you working with them, their lives have improved and they feel amazing!

Even though I probably did not realise it at the time, I think my calling in life had been set in stone at that point. It was also during this time that a certain Mr Beach called into the studio one day (I happened to be standing at reception – I have to love how the universe works sometimes) and he asked to start personal training. I asked him if he minded training with a woman (which he did not) and he became one of my best clients, training with me four days a week. One of the things you learn when you become a trainer is that people confide in you and it didn’t take very long before John and I became good friends. However, it did come as a bit of a shock when, one day, 24 red roses turned up at the studio with a mysterious poem attached! The rest as they say is history and we have now been married for almost 10 years, with two beautiful young children, Wesley seven years and Chelsea who is four years.

I was determined to put as much time and love as possible into my children at a young age, so I put being a trainer to one side for a few years, and took on some office administration work that I could do from home. I absolutely loved this stage of my life, but I also found it very challenging like most Mums trying to balance a job, family and house on little or no sleep! I tried to stay in shape during this time but, with the time and energy I was putting into work and family, my own wellbeing was right down the priority list. It was then that I realised (as a Mum) how important your own physical and mental wellbeing is to the overall happiness of your family Рand yet most women I knew were putting themselves last in terms of looking after themselves. From my PT background, I knew the direct relationship between eating well, exercising regularly and feeling great. Therefore, over the next couple of years, I started to think about how I could combine my passion for helping people with health and fitness  but with a specific focus on helping women become the best version of themselves.

When Wesley (my oldest child) started school in 2012, I began to plan seriously and at Christmas time that year I launched ‘Fit Fun Fabulous’, starting with my Facebook page. From that point onward, it was like all the stars were lined up & during the first few weeks literally thousands of women from all over the world joined my page. Today, I have well over 52,000 followers & the number continues to grow each week.

At the same time I launched the Facebook page, I also set myself the challenge of competing for the first time in an INBA Body Sculpting Competition. I am big on setting personal goals and challenges and this truly was a huge one for me, as it combined me having to work very hard for several months to get my body into amazing shape and also dealing with my fear of walking on stage whilst wearing a bikini and high heels! The competition was in June this year and I can honestly say it was one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my life. The competition gave me a unique opportunity to use my own knowledge to get my body ready for the stage. It is one thing to know the theory behind creating a stage ready body, but it is quite a different story putting it into practice yourself!

Whilst I was getting ready for the competition, I started to develop my own unique training and nutrition programs and I began to think about taking on a small number of clients in such a way that suited my lifestyle with two young children. I wanted to continue to help people all over the world via my page and blog, but I also decided to take on a limited number of private clients to work with very closely and hopefully share my ways and knowledge, to help them make long lasting positive changes to their lives.

I made contact with some fantastic women who I had got to know through my Facebook page and then I spent the next few months working with them putting the programs together. I REALLY, REALLY dislike the ‘quick fix’ approach to weight loss and well being, so I was determined to put something together that was going to help these woman for the rest of their lives not just for a short period of time. I love teaching people, holding them accountable to what they truly want in life and seeing them set and achieve their goals whilst all the time giving them the tools and knowledge they need to make meaningful changes to their lives.

In December this year after lots of hard work, I finally launched my Website and Blog . This has been a huge step from just maintaining my Facebook page and I now have a proper platform to share my blogs, ideas and lots of free recipes and training information. In 2014 I will also be launching some very affordable downloadable programs that will hopefully help people everywhere learn and experience my methods when it comes to changing their body shape, their lifestyle and ultimately their health and well being.

I feel truly blessed to be where I am today after less than 12 months. I began this journey with a genuine desire to inspire and help people. Now through my blog I now have a place that will hopefully become a regular resource of information and knowledge for people who want to improve their lives through training and positive nutrition.

Kim x

*** For all my free downloads head to

f you are ready to start your own weight loss or health & fitness journey, my app includes all of my programs which will definitely help you achieve your goals. You will also get to experience my one of a kind support community which is truly amazing! Click here to read all about it and start your 14 day free trial – if you have any questions please email my team and I anytime on 

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