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Get two months free now – home workouts, over 1000’s healthy meals and my amazing support community!

2 months free for all brand new subscribers!!

UPDATE!! I have just extended my offer of 2 months free until the end of May 2020!

I started offering two months free on my app to help as many women as possible around the world have access to healthy meals, home workouts during what has been a tough time for everyone – the feedback has been AMAZING and I want everyone to be able to experience not only how good my app is, but also the strength, passion and kindness that my amazing community is all about, so I am extending my 2 months free offer to the end of May 2020 to all brand new subscribers AND my 6 week free offer to anyone who wants to re-join.

My app and programs have helped tens of thousands of women around the world get healthy and achieve the long term results they want.

A massive part of this is my amazing support community which I promise is like nothing you have ever experienced before. As well as having all the tools to train from home and access to a tailored eating plan, my programs will give you access to share the experience with women from all over the world who are in exactly the same situation as you, it really is an amazing community supported by me personally and my team of professionals.

I am inspired on a daily basis with the kindness and positivity that radiates through my support groups and I know this is a critical factor for people achieving the results they want and also wanting to stay connected to my community in the long term.

You can now receive access to all of this absolutely FREE for 2 months

NB: The 60 day special offer is available for all brand new subscribers to my app from today. If you have subscribed in the past and would like to re-join, please keep reading down the page as I have a special 45 day free offer just for you.

Click here to read all about this offer and how you can join my program and support community absolutely free for 2 months.

Now if you have been on my app before and would like to re-join free for 45 days please read below as this offer is just for you…….

6 weeks free for anyone who wants to rejoin

Now is the perfect time to re-join my app program and take advantage of this free 45 day offer!

It’s taken my tech team a couple of weeks to get this offer ready but I am now very excited to finally launch my free 45 day offer to those of you who have previously been part of my app program.

Your free 45 days will start as soon as you re-subscribe and then your chosen subscription will kick in following this – also right now I have reduced the price of my annual subscription to be just 50% of the cost of the monthly subscription for 12 months.

Now is the perfect time to take control of your weight, health and fitness and once again join my amazing team and support community.

Click here to re-subscribe now

Here are the steps to take to re-subscribe:

  1. Once you click the link above you will log in with the email you used previously (if you are unsure email us and we will let you know)
  2. Enter in your previous password or you can re-set a new one
  3. Choose your subscription either monthly, quarterly or yearly
  4. Enter your credit card details, once this has gone through successfully you will receive a confirmation reference number
  5. It is time to head to either your Apple or Google Play store and download the Kim Beach Life app.
  6. Log in (not sign up) with your email and password, follow the quick on-boarding steps and you will then have access to everything the app has to offer
  7. Don’t forget to join the support group

If you have any questions about either offer (re-join for 45 day free or 60 days free for new members) please don’t hesitate to contact my team and I at anytime x



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