Five reasons to start creating the very best version of you!

I have been passionate about helping people lead healthier lives for a very long time; this is the main reason that I initially chose a career in the health and fitness industry back in 2000. It is also the reason that I started my Facebook page in January this year, so that I could provide free fitness and nutrition information to women everywhere.

I constantly talk to my clients and followers about how changing the way they think about food and having a positive attitude towards regular exercise can help them create the very best version of themselves and make them feel amazing every day.

Here are five reasons why committing to improving your wellbeing through the correct nutrition and exercise will positively impact your life.

1) More Energy
If you are anything like me then most days you are trying to do a million things at once by juggling priorities at work, at home and with your family. This requires energy and lots of it. The right exercise and nutrition will make a huge difference to your energy levels. You will sleep better, get more done and the endorphins your body produces when exercising will put you in a fantastic mood for the rest of the day.

2) More Money
I know this probably sounds a bit backwards as you would automatically think about the extra cost associated with embarking on a new exercise and nutrition program. But if you stop to think about how much money you would spend in a week on takeaway meals or other highly processed foods that your body does not need, then this starts to make sense. Add in the fact that when you’re training and eating right you will probably want to drink less alcohol. So you can see how making these positive changes can actually put more money in your pocket each week. Ok, so you might need some new workout gear and shoes but they are investments!

3) More Productive
Any type of new regular exercise and nutrition program is going to require you to be organised. You are also going to find that you will get a better night’s sleep and be more inclined to get up earlier and get into the day. I train harder now than I have at any point in my life but I am never tired when I get up, even if I have been up with my kids during the night. It might take a week or so for your body to adjust but I promise that once you get into the routine you will be more productive than you have ever been.

4) More Life
I am supported on this one by almost every medical case study in the world. We all want to live a long and happy life, yet all around us we are seeing increasing rates of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and other chronic, health-related illnesses. There is a direct and very real relationship between your fitness levels, what you choose to eat and your life expectancy. This one is a no brainer.

5) More ‘You’
I do talk about this in my new video, but my training time has become a real priority in my life and it is something that I really like to get across. It’s when I can be alone with my thoughts, have a little time out and focus just on me. The benefits of this are immense, and when I have done my workout for the day, I find myself handling stress better and generally being more fun to be around. Exercise and eating right will give you more focus , make you feel more confident and, in the words of one of my first One on One Program clients, it will “give you your Mojo back”.

Whether it’s my One on One program you are thinking about, or maybe you just want a fresh start when it comes to training and nutrition, know that you are doing an incredible thing for yourself and your family.

The first few weeks are going to be very hard (which is why most people give up at that point) but trust me, it will get easier and you will start to enjoy all the life benefits that correct nutrition and regular exercise can bring xx



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