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Today I’d like to share some exciting news about my app, Kim Beach Life.

Basically there has been a little on-going confusion when it comes to my 8 week programs and the app. I launched the app I wanted to move away from a short term ‘diet’ mentality, whilst people were getting excellent results in my 8 week programs I wanted to provide the same great results but with a long term sustainable solution.

What happened next was that people were confused with which program to choose, #noexcuses in an 8 week format or the weight loss goal within the app. The reality is they were very similar anyway but there was a perception from people who had achieved fantastic results with #noexcuses in the past that the weight loss goal within the app was somehow different (I wrote both programs and they were very similar but a little more variety with the weight loss goal within the app).

Also from a marketing perspective we had spent 5 years building really strong brands with #nolimits and #noexcuses in particular so John and I thought that the best way forward was to combine everything into one place!

My signature programs all within the app

The result of this is that the goals written within the app have been renamed #noexcuses, #nolimits and #maintain and I have tightened up the first two stages of each goal within the app to ensure every user gets the best possible results in their first 2 months. The key message for me thought is that these are not 8 week programs, they focus on the first couple of months to help people get fantastic results but then the app will guide you through each stage building on your results and teaching you how to continue to lose weight and sustain this over time.

I hope this helps explain the changes that have been made. If you would like to be re-set to stage 1 / day 1 to embrace these changes please email us at .

Next my new website will be launching and at this point my 8 week programs in their current format will no longer be available, instead everything that was good about them will be included in the app as I have explained above. For those that still like to stick a piece of paper on the fridge please know that you can use the print feature within the app to print out your week ahead. My tech team are also working on how to print out a full month in advance which I am hoping will be available in early 2020.

Another important decision I have made is to reduce the annual cost of my app subscription to be exactly half the cost if you subscribe monthly for a year. For example the new annual price in Australia is $169.99 which is just $0.46 per day compared to the monthly membership which is $27.99 which equates to $0.92 per day. The same pricing structure applies to UK, NZ, USA and South Africa (so the new yearly price is 50% of the monthly price over a year in all currencies/countries).

If you have any questions about the app please click here to read all about how it works!

Click on the buttons below to go straight to the App store or Google Play store to download the app now and start your free 14 day trial.

Kim x

PS: If you have subscribed to the app in the past and would like to start again embracing the new #noexcuses and #nolimits options please simply re-subscribe using the link below by logging in using your email and password you have used previously and you will receive 7 days free:

and then email us at and we can re-set your back to stage 1 / day 1.

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