Brand New Retreats added for late 2020 and 2021!!!

So much fun at my last NZ retreat at the stunning Henley Hotel in Cambridge!

With everyone being in isolation for the past few weeks (and now thankfully looking like we are getting out the other side) I thought now would be the perfect time to schedule a couple of extra New Zealand and Australian retreats for later in the year to give everyone something to look forward to!!

I started running my retreats last year to give women in my community the opportunity to meet in person.

What has developed since is something very special and I would encourage anyone to take the plunge and sign up for one of my retreats, they are truly a once in a lifetime experience. You can expect to spend a few days having fun, relaxing and training with me and a small group of amazing women in some seriously stunning venues around the world!

Aerial yoga is a must at my Bali retreat!

I also understand that it can be a big decision to come one of my retreats, especially on your own. I just want to reassure you that most women who attend do actually come on their own. That said I promise you will leave with a new fantastic group of friends (it happens at every retreat)!

To get this process started I set up a private Facebook group for each retreat a few weeks beforehand. In this group you can ask me questions about the retreat but also get to know everyone ahead of the retreat which makes things so much better when the group comes together on day one.

I also offer payment plans for every retreat where you pay a small deposit to secure your spot and then I offer staged payments up until the retreat itself.

Our finale dinner at my last Hunter retreat

So here are the available retreats and the dates:

  • New Zealand – Cambridge – 25th – 28th February 2021
  • New Zealand – Cambridge – 2nd – 5th March 2021

Click here to read more about my NZ retreats and how to secure your spot with a NZD$250 deposit

  • Australia – Hunter Valley 29th October – 1st November 2020
  • Australia – Hunter Valley 5th – 8th November 2020

Click here to read more about my upcoming Hunter Valley retreat & how to secure your spots with a AUD$250 deposit

  • Bali – Komune Resort – 17th – 21st March 2021
  • Bali – Komune Resort – 1st – 5th July 2021

Click here to read more about my 2021 Bali retreats & how to secure your spots with a AUD$250 deposit

I hope you decide to take up one of the available spots on my upcoming retreat, I plan each one personally myself (with the help of the amazing Hayley) and they really are an amazing way to recharge and regenerate your body and soul!

If you have any questions about any of the retreats at all please email Hayley and I directly in anytime x

Morning bootcamp in Tuscany

If you are ready to start your own weight loss or health & fitness journey, my app includes all of my programs which will definitely help you achieve your goals. You will also get to experience my one of a kind support community which is truly amazing! Click here to read all about it and start your 14 day free trial – if you have any questions please email my team and I anytime on 



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