10 Yummy Healthy Recipes From My App Program – Kim Beach Life!

The craziness of cooking 800+ meals in my own kitchen!

Over the past 18 months I have personally created over 800+ recipes for my app program.

This process takes weeks at a time but its very important to me to make sure that the recipes and food are on point and most importantly teach people that healthy & nutritious food doesnt have to be boring or plain!

Below I am sharing 10 popular recipes from the app to give you a taste of what you can expect if you decide to join my app program!

Click here to read all about  my app program & see how you can start your 7 day free trial

Scroll down to download all 10 popular recipes from the app….

1.    Taco Chicken Hamburgers- Click here to download the recipe 

2. Soy Nuts – Click here to download the recipe 

3. Salmon Cakes – Click here to download the recipe 

4. Quinoa Seed Bowl – Click here to download the recipe 

5. Chickpea Curry – Click here to download the recipe 

6. Quinoa & Asparagus Muffins  – Click here to download the recipe  

Meal 2 or 3

7. Choconana Pancakes  – Click here to download the recipe  

8. Coconut  & Parmesan Schnitzel – Click here to download the recipe  

9. Apple Pie Smoothie – Click here to download the recipe  

10. Stuffed Black Bean Sweet Potato – Click here to download the recipe   

I hope you enjoy all of these new recipes & remember if your goal this year is to lose weight, build muscle & shred or just maintain a healthy lifestyle then my new app program is perfect for you!

Click here to find out all about it & start your free 7 day trial and click here to read all about my superstars who have smashed their goals using my app!

Watch my app intro video below, NB: now available for Apple and Android!

Learn all about my app Kim Beach Life

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