Welcome to my brand new ‘Love Your Life’ One Day Seminars!

I am so happy to finally announce my new ‘Love Your Life’ – One Day Seminars!

These seminars are designed to offer you the same experience as one of my retreats but all in one day….and in a location close to you.

Places are open to anyone, you don’t have to of done my programs in the past, if you feel like you need some direction, need to reset or just want some practical, useful advice on how to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle… then this is perfect for you.

Places at each seminar are strictly limited (sold on a first come basis, the number of places at each venue are shown below and updated daily).

The cost of my one day LYL Seminars is A$297 and here is exactly what you can expect from the day:

1) Meeting & connecting with a small group of like-minded women from your local area.

2) A clear understanding of how to eat to lose weight and then how to maintain this over time.

3) Exactly what foods to avoid when it comes to weight loss and eating for overall health.

4) A clear strategy when it comes to food, staying healthy and still living your life!

5) How alcohol affects weight loss and staying on top of the wine.

6) Understanding what types of training and exercise are effective for you and why.

7) Why weight training is something all women over 35 should be doing regularly.

8) How to start a weight training program at home or at the gym.

9) Getting help to build a practical training plan that suits your life and is manageable.

10) How to finally say goodbye to the ‘All or nothing mentality’.

11) Assessing your current life balance when it comes to work, family and you.

12) Building an individual plan for you that balances everything you value in your life.

13) Exploring your spiritual side with some very special guests.

14) Your very own LYL workbook to make sure that you capture everything on the day and can take it home.

I am personally taking each seminar (limited to 40 women) and will have some very special guests joining me at each venue as well.

Secure your place now below!

My Love Your Life One Day Seminar is designed to give you all the tools you need to live a balanced, happy & healthy life – it’s a proven method that I have used to help thousands of women worldwide achieve their health, fitness & weight loss goals.

Nutritition & Food

This is my favourite subject and I will teach you everything I have learned over the past 20 years when it comes to making making great food choices and maintaining the weight you want. Food really is 80% of the equation when it comes to achieving amazing results, being able to understand what and when to eat gives you the power to succeed.

Mindset & Spirituality

Knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things and I believe this comes down to the mindset you have for leading a fit and healthy life. I will share with you my ‘go to’ strategies on making conscious decisions when it comes to your food and training and most importantly, how to incorporate this into your daily life forever. We will also be touching on spirituality so you can learn to manifest what you want out of life. 

Training & Exercise

I am going to make this really simple for you as it’s an area that is often over thought and misunderstood. Learn exactly what each type of training does for your body and what is important when it comes to your individual goals. Let me take the mystery out of weight training and find out why you need to include this in your weekly training program. Learn the importance of rest and how to listen to your body plus how to train effectively at home or at the gym!

LYL Seminars

After travelling around Australia running my LYL Seminars it’s time for Perth to shine!!

The Perth Seminar will be held at:

Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough

Saturday 3rd July!

Each seminar is strictly limited to 40 places

Secure your place now using the form above – once you have paid for your place you will receive an email from me within 72 hours.

If you have any questions please email me anytime at: info@kimbeach.com



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