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I have dedicated my professional life to helping women achieve their weight loss & fitness goals.

Everything that I have learned along the way is packed into my app, including my signature #noexcuses weight loss#nolimits shred and #maintain lifestyle programs.

A successful weight loss or health & fitness journey is for life and my app is all about getting you the results you want and most importantly maintaining them over time.

My team and I will help you focus on the important initial 2 stages and then guide you through each 28 day stage to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

My program will help you with your short term goal but also how to transition these results into a full lifestyle change.

Join my team and I and start your Kim Beach Life journey with your free 2 week trial today. If you have subscribed to Kim Beach Life previously you will receive a 7 day FREE trial.

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You can also click here to see the inspiring journeys of women who has enjoyed amazing success on my programs, my #superstars

Please note that my 8 week programs and app are different, please choose one or the other – you will enjoy the same success on both, one is designed for people who like a downloaded ‘paper’ version and the other is an app for your phone or tablet which allows you to access my programs simply and easily x

Weight Loss

#noexcuses is specifically designed to help you lose weight and keep it off long term.

The #noexcuses weight loss program will carefully guide you through the very important first two stages (56 days) to ensure maximum initial results. From there it will will help you easily work through each 28 day stage getting you closer all the time to your ultimate goal.

Record and track your progress within the app and enjoy sharing your experience with my team and I and the amazing women in the private support group (we are there to help and answer your questions 7 days a week!)

#noexcuses has helped 1000’s of women worldwide eat well, lose weight and get healthy.

#NOEXCUSES | Weight Loss 


Want to push yourself hard and get into the shape of your life?

If you said yes then I have designed #nolimits shred just for you – a tough weights based workout designed to get you into the shape of your life.

My #nolimits shred program is also a fantastic change up from #noexcuses weight loss within the app, it focusses more on weight training (3-4 times a week) and tightens up on the nutrition side of things to take your training and results to the next level.

Choose the #nolimits shred goal if you are within 5kg of your weight loss goal and are looking to step up your weight training to build more shape and definition.

#NOLIMITS | Shred 


My #maintain lifestyle program is the perfect choice if you have achieved your weight loss goal and just want to eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I believe that you should fuel and nourish your body with foods from all the main food groups and #maintain definitely embraces this concept on a sustainable basis.

If you had previously chosen the #noexcuses weight loss or #nolimits shred goal in the app you will immediately notice more variety and flexibility in the meals.

You can also expect more fun and variety when it comes to your training as enjoying exercise is all part of the ongoing #maintain goal!



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How to get set up & started

Step 1  Click ‘Get Started’ below and set up your account  & choose your subscription – monthly, quarterly or yearly. You will automatically qualify for my free 2 week trial (if you are re-subscribing you will receive a 7 day free trial).

Step 2  Set your goal – choose between my #noexcuses weight loss, #nolimits shred or #maintain lifestyle programs (you can change anytime)

Step 3  Choose your eating preference – balanced, vegetarian or vegan. You are now all set up & ready to go with a personalised eating & training plan that includes everything you need to succeed!

Step 4  Join my dedicated Facebook support group where my team & I are there 7 days a week to help you stay on track & smash your goals!

Swipe left below to check out what’s included in the app!

Super simple & easy to use

I have designed the app to be super simple and easy to use.

There is an easy to read support section which will take you through how everything works so you can get started as soon as you are ready.

If you ever need any help you can simply ask in the support group or email my team and I anytime on

Over 800+ meals

I have personally created & cooked over 800+ recipes to keep the menu’s fresh & exciting in every 28 day stage.

All meals are designed to support your goal and there are full vegetarian and vegan options in every stage.

Each meal is quick and simple to make and there are daily and weekly shopping lists are available at the touch of a button!

Tailored training sessions

Choose between gym or home training or switch between them anytime.

Your training program is refreshed every 28 days and is specifically designed to help you achieve your goal.

Every training session includes both video and pictures for every exercise to make completing your workout simple and fun.

Amazing Support!

The one comment I always hear from everyone who has been on my app and completed my programs is ‘How amazing is the support community!’ – it really will make a huge difference to your results.

I set it up from day one to be a safe and seriously positive place when you can get help from my team and I (yes, I spend a lot of time personally answering questions each week) anytime and importantly connect with women from all over the world who are in exactly the same situation as you.

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Eat your way to results!

Yes, your workouts matter – but what you eat will determine up to 80% of your results. With over 800+ recipes & a cool ‘swap meal’ feature so you are always going to find something you love!

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Love for the Kim Beach Life App

“Amazing support, excellent results”

Congratulations Kim on creating such a successful and versatile app!! I have really enjoyed using the app that can be tailored to meet my individual goals in both food & training. The positivity, support & advice from yourself, your team and the other ladies is truly amazing, helping me to be successful in staying on track & achieving results. The recipes are quick, easy to prepare and very tasty. I really love the app as I am able to plan each day with my food & training according to what is happening in my life. I also love that it teaches me how to be for LIFE❤️😊 Thank you

– Monica

“Healthy Living for Life”

This app is amazing! Not only are your meals and training laid out for you but you can swap them to suit you and your life!! All the food is tasty and easy to prepare and with the ability to change your goal at anytime you are set for a life of kicking goals! I love that the training is updated every 28 days and the support from the community and the Beachfit team has you feeling like you are never alone.. I am keeping this app forever!

– Anni


Kim’s programs are awesome. The app makes meal planning and exercise a breeze. Thanks Kim.

– JDin77


I love this APP. It helps me organise my life! It allows users to prioritise their health and fitness and includes a great online community for support and motivation.

– Happy Beacher

“Best App I have ever used!”

Wow. This app is amazing. So easy to use and covers everything. I signed up for the 7 day trial and there is no way in hell I am cancelling it. It’s just awesome and very motivating! Can’t wait to start properly! Well done KB and team and I look so forward to my new journey with you

– mrscko83

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