The Secret Ingredient to add to your daily beauty regime

You should know me better by now that I would never endorse a pill or meal replacement as a way of losing weight but I do know the magic ingredient that will make a positive difference to your health and the way your feel. What is it……PROTEIN!!

When you hear the word protein you probably go straight to thinking about body builders or low carb diets. In today’s blog I want you to think of protein in a whole different way and why it is very important to consume small amounts of protein throughout your day.


My day consists of 6 meals and all of them contain a source of protein because I know it is good for my health, it is going to fill me up and help my body build lean muscle. I wouldn’t consider my daily food consumption to be high protein I would say I consume small amounts of protein with each meal. Protein can be found in various forms such as lean meats, fish, eggs, low fat dairy and whey protein powder.


Think about when you exercise especially when you do weight training your muscle fibres breakdown (rip apart), hence you might experience some muscle soreness after a training session. To repair your muscle fibres and make them stronger the number one ingredient that is vital in this process is Protein. Protein is crucial in order to build nice lean muscle on your body and the more lean muscle you can build the more fat your will burn by doing absolutely nothing as your body has to work harder to maintain it.

Protein is the building block for your body and its main role is to replenish the billions of cells that die off each day within your body with quality ones so you stay healthy. When your body is getting adequate amounts of protein your hair will be shiny, your nails will be strong and your skin will glow – add protein to your beauty routine!

Another bonus is that Protein has minimal effect on your blood sugar levels and is digested slowly leaving your feeling fuller for longer whilst simultaneously raising your metabolism so if fat loss is your goal it is a good idea to have a small serve of protein in each meal.

Gradually start adding protein to each meal and notice the difference in all aspects of your health and overall appearance.

Stay healthy

Kim x

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