The Power of Writing Down Your Fitness Goals!

Are you someone who sets goals for yourself?

I am and I think it’s one of the most important things you can do when it comes to taking your dreams and ideas turning them into reality.

It’s almost like when you have an idea in your head it’s just an idea, but when you write it down it grows legs and becomes a measurable plan that is visible to you and the world!

Lets say you want to lose 5KG….if you were to just think about doing it in your head, what would your chances of success be? However if you were to write down that you wanted to lose 5KG and then place that written goal somewhere visible that you can see it every day (fridge, bathroom mirror, car, desk), do you think your chances of success would increase? To take it a step further how about writing down your goal and then underneath writing down the things that need to happen for it to happen. For example take a look at this photo.

photo (59)

There is real power in writing down your goals and then adding what you have to do to achieve them, also don’t forget to write down a time frame to hold yourself accountable.

I do this all the time and it works wonders for me – at Christmas time, John (my husband and business partner) and I wrote down 6 BIG goals and put them on the kitchen fridge – after a couple of months I stopped looking at them every day (or maybe they got put behind the power bill), but they must have ingrained themselves into my subconscious as a few weeks ago I took them off the fridge and every single one of them had been achieved by the end of June!

Last Thursday, John and I sat down after a meeting that ‘refocused’ us (really gave us kick up the a**) and you can see the result here….I have literally transformed my kitchen wall into my new‘Planning Wall’ – each of these pieces of paper is A3 size so it actually does take up the whole wall!!!

Wall Plan

I am calling mine ‘Operation December’ and it covers everything I want to achieve personally, fitness wise and for Fit Fun Fabulous by the end of December this year.

It doesn’t matter where your goals are written down (I needed a big space so the kitchen wall was perfect) but it is critical that you write them down.

In summary I read this saying the other day and it is so true and powerful!

Have a great week, whatever your dreams are ….

Kim x

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