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Exciting updates & new low cost yearly pricing

Today I’d like to share some exciting news about my app, Kim Beach Life. Basically there has been a little o…

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Hunter Valley Retreat 5th – 8th November 2020

I am SUPER excited to be hosting another retreat in the Hunter Valley on 5th – 8th November 2020! This is go…

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Join me next year in Tuscany | September 27th – 1st October, 2020

I have just returned to Australia this weekend from the most amazing week in Italy at my first ever Tuscany retrea…

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Announcing New Zealand Retreat #2 in March 2020

“Escape to a more leisurely pace of life at this exclusive country retreat.  Relaxed luxury with a hint…

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Announcing my first ever New Zealand Retreat in 2020! Join me from 5th – 8th March!

“Escape to a more leisurely pace of life at this exclusive country retreat.  Relaxed luxury with a hint…

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BALI Retreats 2021 – secure your spot now!

I am VERY excited to announce that spots for my 2021 Bali Retreats are now officially open….and they won&#82…

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Three Ways to ‘Tone Up’ & How I Achieved My Own Personal Goals…

I think almost every woman that I talk to or work with at some stage will say, “I want to tone up”. I …

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Breaking the ‘diet’ mentality!

This is a subject I am hugely passionate about and one I want to shout out from the roof tops! As women, we have t…

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Welcome to my App – KimBeachLife!

I am so excited to share my app program with you, its a journey thats taken me well over two years to complete and…

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10 things to avoid to help you succeed long term!

There is no substitute in my opinion for eating well and exercising regularly as the cornerstone for any sustainab…

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Eating Right to Lose Weight – My Top 5 Tips!

Do you train hard most weeks, eat well most of the time but are still not seeing a difference on the scales? I kno…

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The best fat loss solution I know…..

Today I am talking about one of my favourite all time subjects when it comes to health and nutrition – WEIGH…

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