My 10 Simple Rules for Healthier & Fitter You

There are so many different messages in the fitness industry, it can be really become really overwhelming, especially when it comes to what to eat and what training is best.

I prefer to keep my message simple so everyone can easily understand my philosophy to life, weight loss food and training. These are my top 10 rules for a healthier, fitter life… hopefully they help you in some way on your fitness journey.

  1. Eat whole natural unprocessed foods – your body will recognise these and reward you
  2. Stay away from fad diets – they might create an instant result on the scales but they will do you more harm than good
  3. Your body is designed to move – so move it 3-4 times a week minimum, even if it’s a half hour walk
  4. Lift Weights – the long term benefits of resistance training are huge, especially for women
  5. Eat more often – consuming small meals 4-5 times a day will boost your metabolism
  6. Avoid refined sugar – when your blood sugar spikes your body is not in a position to burn fat
  7. Regularly set goals – if you want to progress you must set goals and have them somewhere you can see them
  8. Never ever measure yourself against others – it’s your fitness journey and nothing positive can come from comparing yourself to other people progress
  9. One bad meal doesn’t wreck a week – put it behind you and focus the next 24 hours on training hard and eating well
  10. Train HARD – whatever you are doing do it with purpose and real effort, you made the time to train, so make it worthwhile.

Kim x

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