Is your 100% really 100% – Make your training count!

For me, training is my release, my ‘me time’ – I love the way it makes me feel whether I am lifting heavy or doing an intense cardio session – either way I am always trying to put 100% into my sessions.

Life is busy and it can be hard enough to juggle everything to find the time to train, so when you do it’s important to make the most of every session. I am always interested to see some people at the gym who are on their mobiles or chatting way during their work outs, I understand that the gym can also be a social time but my rule is that if you can talk while you are doing your session then you are not working hard enough!

Even a weights sessions should be a good cardio workout, you can almost burn just as many calories in a good weight sessions as in a cardio session. Time yourself and only take a 30 second or a 60 second rest between sets, you will be amazing how much harder the session is, as well as giving your muscles a better workout – you will be also finished a lot quicker which give you that time for a coffee and a chat!

When it comes to cardio sessions, longer is not necessarily better – an intense 15 or 20 minute high intensity workout can actually be better for you than an hour long walk or run but the key is the intensity, making sure that you are only giving yourself a short amount of rest between sprints or skipping or whatever exercise you are doing.

I train 5-6 times a week, normally 4 weight sessions and 2 HIIT cardio sessions, each session is no more than and hour and I am focussed on the intensity and making the most of every single minute.

Once you make the time to train, make it count by increasing the intensity of your workout – you will feel better, it won’t take as long as and your body will really notice the difference.

Stay healthy

Kim x

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