How weight training will make you bulky and look like a man! (Just kidding..please read on)

Obviously I am having some fun with this title and today I am going to explain to you, in simple terms, how the exact opposite will happen if you train regularly with weights. Weight training will give your body more shape and you will start burning more fat than ever before.

Did you ever wonder how you can spend hours slaving away on the treadmill or doing 3-4 gym classes a week and consider yourself pretty fit, but never really achieve the body shape you want? The answer is that whilst cardio is important and will help you burn fat (while you are doing it and maybe for a few hours afterwards), only resistance or weight training will develop your muscles in a way that gives you shape and definition.

An example of what I mean would be to think about how an Olympic sprinter looks compared to an Olympic marathon runner. These are extreme examples and chances are you will never look like either, but the sprinter who trains for power and speed will always have more shape and muscle than the marathon runner whose training consists of lots of long distance running. Another example are the fitness models you see in magazines, they achieve their amazing bodies through eating plenty of the right foods and lifting heavy, not from eating salads and running 10km each day.

Weight training helps you build lean muscle, when this happens your body actually has to work harder to maintain this muscle so automatically you burn more fat at rest. This means, that say if you do your weights workout in the morning, for the rest of the day while you are at work or enjoying yourself, you body is busy burning fat, great news right!

The process of building lean muscle comes down to your muscle fibres being ripped apart whilst you are doing your weights session (hence muscle soreness) then for the following 2-3 days your body spends time rebuilding and repairing itself so you get stronger, allowing you to then increase the intensity of your program and the weight you are lifting. You also need to keep in mind that you need to constantly push yourself with weight training, which means challenging yourself to lift heavier as time goes on (whilst maintaining your form) and changing your program regularly. Also bear in mind that your muscles will ‘pump’ and look bigger during your workout as your blood pumps through them, but this will only last for a while post workout.

I love training with weights 3-4 times a week but a full body program twice is a week is more than enough to get you started. Make sure you speak to a certified trainer to give you a proper program every 4-6 weeks and have them show you the correct form for each exercise.

Lastly please don’t worry about becoming bulky….I promise it won’t happen. As a woman your body does not produce enough testosterone to build muscle size in the same way as this will happen for a man. What will happen if you start weight training regularly is that you will develop real shape, your clothes will fit better than ever before, you will look better naked and I guarantee you will feel truly amazing!

Kim x

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