How a rest can help you take charge of your goals

I haven’t trained for 3 days straight now due to my legs being so sore from my session on Thursday. Have you had that feeling when the thought of walking down stairs is so torturous that you wished you had a house robot that could give you a hand?

Am I beating myself up about not training – NO!

Will this be detrimental to my end goal I have set myself – NO!

I have listened to my body over the weekend, have given my poor sore legs a well-deserved rest and I feel really good about it. I know my session tomorrow morning is going to be a good one and I am ready to give everything to this week’s training. Coming off a few days rest usually means some PB’s in the gym, so fingers crossed. In saying I haven’t trained for 3 days, my food has been on track over the weekend and I am feeling really good and strong.

80% of results comes down to what you put into your mouth so the thought of over training to compensate for my few days off is definitely not an option. Having a plan with your training is great but sometimes things happen and plans change, this is not an excuse to get off track, this is just life and sometimes our plans are not executed how we would like.

Remember one bad meal or missed session is not going to be detrimental to your goals and a few days off training is not going to make a big difference to your overall goal.

I know the viscous cycle you can go through where they are so motivated then one thing doesn’t go to plan so you give up. Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t have an on or off switch, if you do go off track your thinking should be ‘that is ok’, what is the next step I need to take to get myself back on track. It is amazing the power of positive thinking and the inner confidence you exude once you have manage to turn things around.

Bottom line, your plans are not concrete, they are just plans. Sometimes you achieve what you had planned; other times it is how you deal with your plans changing that will ultimately keep you on track.

Have an amazing week and stay healthy.

Kim x

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How a rest can help you take charge of your goals

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