Firing up your Metabolism

Your metabolism is the rate at which your body expends energy! The higher your metabolism the more energy you will expend and the less chance you have of storing body fat.

So you could say your Metabolism is definitely worth firing up, keep reading to find out how you can ensure your Metabolism is firing on all cylinders:

🖤 MUSCLE – if you want your metabolism firing you have to weight training. The more lean muscle you can build on your body the more fat you will burn at rest. The reason behind this is your body has to worker harder to maintain the lean muscle that you have worked hard to build. If you are not currently weight training it is time to start.

🖤 TEMPERATURE – being a little cold sometimes is a good thing, when your body temperature is slightly reduced e.g. if you went out for a run early in the morning, your body is forced to shiver which requires energy hence your metabolism will increase.

🖤 SLEEP – have your 7-8 hours’ sleep then get out of bed, the longer you lay around the less energy you are burning. Try to go to bed at the same time every night so your body gets used to it and so getting to sleep becomes an easy routine, then jump out of bed in the morning and get into the day.

🖤 CAFFEINE – having a coffee (especially black) will boost your metabolism nicely as the caffeine stimulates your body/cells which makes your body burn more energy. This is why before a cardio session having a black coffee can be very beneficial.

🖤 SPICY FOODS – believe it or not spicy foods can boost your metabolism, as spicy foods contain an ingredient call Capsaicin which will naturally increase your metabolism. So feel free to add some fresh Chilli to your meals.

🖤 GENDER – do you think it is unfair when your hubby or partner decides to do some exercise and he will always get faster results! This is because his body naturally has more muscle on it then your does, as his body contains more testosterone so building muscle is easier for him. So he is not doing anything different to you he is just starting with a natural advantage.

🖤 HORMONAL FACTORS – you hormones can play a factor in your metabolism too e.g. your thyroid, so if this is you focusing on these other factors is really important especially your food. Don’t let your hormones discourage you, you can still achieve amazing results!

🖤 FOOD – eating regularly throughout the day every 2-3 hours keeps your metabolism firing. Focusing on fibrous raw vegetables such as broccoli and carrot is really important as your body has to work hard to break them down hence you will burn more energy.

🖤 AGE – as you age your metabolism will start to slow down if you let it. By continuing to weight train and eating well you can avoid this from happening – the choice is yours.

Is your Metabolism firing??? x

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