Does your inside match your outside?

This topic is an interesting one that I feel no one talks about but it is what defines all of us every single day!

By ‘your inside’ I mean your internal thoughts, dreams, desires, energy, vibe. Do you have a positive inner voice, one that you love being with? Is that inner voice holding you back?

By ‘your outside’ I mean how you act in front of other people and how you are socially. Does this change depending upon who you are with? Do you experience social anxiety or do you thrive when meeting new people and being centre of attention?

We are all different and there is no right or wrong answer, the way you feel on the inside or on the outside can be getting in the way of you achieving amazing results, so it is an important topic to talk about.


A) Do you see yourself as really confident inside and out?

B) Do you see yourself as not having a lot of confidence inside and outside?

C) Do you feel extremely confident on the inside and not so confident on the outside?

D) Do you feel less confident on the inside but extremely confident on the outside?

Some of us are a lot more confident on the inside but don’t show it on the outside and then others aren’t so confident on the inside but they are overly confident on the outside. There may be a few who are both extremely confident inside and out and then there will be others who lack confidences inside and out as well.

I feel this is a topic that needs attention, more then likely you could be holding yourself back from achieving amazing results due to your thought processes and how they make you feel. Also your inside voice and outside voice could be the reason why people are drawn to you or not. Remember your thoughts are not reality, be in control of your thoughts and feel your emotions instead of thinking about them.

If your inside and outside don’t match this is completely normal, as I said we are all different, if we were the same life would be boring, but getting to know yourself really well is important for you to grow as a person and to move forward into a world where you make a difference to yourself and others.

For me I’m a C, on the inside I am strong, determined and I know exactly what I want to achieve and there is no doubt in my mind that I will achieve every single goal I set myself but on the outside comes a whole different persona where I sometimes take the under the radar approach and no one actually gets to see that drive from the inside. There are a few people in my world who 100% understand my inner voice but there are so many more that work off the surface of my outer voice.

How do you see yourself?

How do you think other people see you?

Does your inside match your outside?

It is worthwhile trying to understand where you are so you can consciously plan to get outside your comfort zone as this is the only way you will ever grow as a person! Challenge yourself in different situations to face your fears to bring out a side of you that is essentially hidden. This takes courage but it will be these situations that will make you thrive!

Are you an A, B, C, or D? I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

Kim x

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