Breaking the ‘diet’ mentality!

This is a subject I am hugely passionate about and one I want to shout out from the roof tops!

As women, we have to find a way to break the diet mentality!

Over the past 5 years, through my programs, I have helped thousands of women learn how to fuel their bodies correctly to achieve the weight loss they desired. Many of these women took on board the principles of my programs and have gone on to smash their goals and maintain their results long term, which is awesome!

My app – Kim Beach Life!

Others though have found it hard to take on board the principles and implement them long term. This is often the problem with diets and programs that have a beginning and an end date as they encourage the ‘all or nothing’ mentality.

One of the most common things I see in my amazing support groups is women who have had a ‘bad’ day or couple of days and want to ‘start all over again’ the following Monday…. it honestly drives me insane!

It is like you put so much pressure on yourself to have a perfect run of days or weeks where all the planets line up, your eating and training is spot on, there are no social functions planned and you can basically live under a rock for a few weeks – THEN you are going to get the amazing results you want!!!

Well guess what, life just isn’t like that, there are always going to be reasons why things can’t be perfect and lets face it who wants to live under a rock anyway. I promise, you can be consistent with your food, training, lose weight AND enjoy your life – it is just a matter of changing your mindset, being consistent and realising that nothing magic is going to happen next Monday that can’t happen today or tomorrow!

As I have said in the video to me a diet is like a bandaid where you put it on as a short term fix and often put unrealistic pressure on yourself to achieve certain results in an unachieveable time frame. What gets me even more is that even after failing at the latest fad diet, people are happy to try another one again and again with similar expectations. Hands up if you put yourself in the ‘yo-yo diet’ or ‘I have tried every diet under the sun’ category?

A positive, long term mindset and a great plan will get you exactly where you want to go!

Developing a new mindset and a healthy relationship with food is the key to long term success. You need to accept and understand from the outset that there are going to be good days and bad days, its how you deal with your bad days that is important (so they don’t turn into ‘bad’ weeks). You also need to accept that you are never going to be perfect but if you can be consistent with your food and training 80% of the time then you are going to achieve the results you want long term. Sure, you might not get them in the next 45 days but you will get them at a steady rate that you can maintain long term.

I also want you to consider that part of any successful weight loss journey is making yourself a priority. So often as women we prioritise work and family before our own needs and this usually ends up with us struggling to maintain our own health and fitness. Giving yourself time to prepare nutritious meals or train is not a luxury, it is a necessity and can often be a time to recharge and be alone with your own thoughts.

You can have absolutely anything you want when it comes to weight loss or achieving your health & fitness goals – you just need to approach them in a new way.

Forget dates, times and being perfect and replace this with consistency, being kind to yourself, eating well along with a new positive belief that you can achieve your goals in a realistic & sustainable way.

Kim x

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