6 important lessons I learned from getting on stage in a tiny sparkly bikini (and almost falling over twice!)

It was almost a three years and a half years ago that I made the decision to compete on stage in a body sculpting competition. I am not sure how I arrived at the idea but I do know that I wanted to really challenge myself, get out of my comfort zone and put into practice everything I had learnt over the years about nutrition, how to build muscle and how to shape my body.

I thought I was pretty fit and healthy at the time but nothing could have prepared me for the 6 months training and commitment that it took to get my body stage ready.

I want up to say upfront that I have every respect for anyone who has competed in this way as the self discipline required with nutrition and training over a long period is extreme, probably too extreme for me personally to want to do it regularly but I wanted to see it through until the end, so in June 2013 I entered an INBA competition in the fitness model category in Melbourne.

I had prepared my body well but I probably hadn’t prepared myself properly for the competition and I certainly wasn’t ready for the stage….these girls were incredible, they could move their hips and walk effortlessly in 6 inch heels whilst oozing sex appeal and smiling like their lives depended on it!

So there I was on stage in the first bikini round in front of probably 500 people and my name was called… I don’t remember much other than thinking OMG and I proceeded to walk across the stage, only to completely lose my balance and just save myself from falling flat on my face right in front of the judges. Its taken me almost three years to see the funny side of this and I struggle to look at it but here is the actual video taken that day so you can see my ‘almost stack’ for yourself!

What made matters more interesting what I had actually entered in two categories so in my second line up they called my name out again and you guessed it ‘almost stack number two’ right in the front of the judges again!!

I figured at this point I probably wasn’t a realistic chance of winning and I couldn’t wait to get backstage and change into my next outfit which came with a pair of runners!

There were no more falls that day thank goodness and I ended the day with a huge sense of fulfillment and relief (not to mention the amazing dinner I had that night) and I also learned some important things that I want to share:

1) I was a 35 year old Mum of two and I got into the best shape of my life – its never too late!

2) If you don’t push yourself past your normal boundaries, you will never find out what your body and mind are truly capable of.

3) Nutrition is 80% of the equation when it comes to controlling your body fat.

4) Discipline is a habit that’s not easily picked up but when you commit over time to training and eating a new way – it becomes second nature and part of your life.

5) Everyone needs a big goal  – something that scares and excites you – the bigger the better

6) Don’t get on stage in a sparkly green bikini in front of 500 people if you can’t walk in 6 inch heels!

definitely won’t be getting on stage again but what it did for me was give me a great deal of knowledge and practical experience to help develop my programs.

I look back on that day now as a amazing time in my life, not for the sparkly bikini’s and my ‘almost’ two stage dives, but for something that I worked so hard for and fulfilling one of biggest goals ever!

Do you have big goals for the next 12 months – do they scare you?

Kim x

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