4 Ways to Rediscover Your Mojo!

I remember clearly the afternoon that one of the my first ever One on One clients said to me “I just want to get my mojo back”. I knew exactly what she meant, you know that feeling when you are in a rhythm, you are eating well, sleeping well, making time for the important things and everything is just going wonderfully.

The problem can be that if something happens and breaks that rhythm it can be very hard to get back in the same space. These are the times when everything seems hard, you might not be sleeping well and there never seems to be enough hours in the day or chocolate in the fridge!

I experienced this recently, when I wasn’t happy with the way I was training, my food was a little out of whack and although things were great at home and work, I just didn’t feel in the groove – basically I needed to get my mojo back!

Here are 4 things that got me refocussed and back into my normal rhythm. Each will take a conscious decision and you might need to break a few bad habits but together they will definitely get you back in the right place.

1) Get Up Early

I used to be a bit of a night owl but there is nothing that creates more time in your day than getting up and training or getting things organised for your day. My alarm goes off at 5.00AM every day and I swear that the hour and a half I get before the kids get up is like 3 hours at any other time of the day. From a training standpoint, there is nothing more satisfying than heading to work knowing that you have done your workout for the day. You may have to sacrifice some TV to get into bed a bit earlier and it might take a week or so to get used to the new hours but you won’t regret it.

2) Plan Plan Plan

When it comes to eating well there is nothing that replaces good planning. Having the right food in the house is everything. How many times have you grabbed takeaway because there was nothing to eat at home. Snacks are very important and I always try and make sure I have some prepared at home ready to eat. I also keep a food diary which works for me and holds me accountable. It is the same with training, setting a plan at the start of the week and writing it down or putting it into your calendar will dramatically increase the chances of you having a productive training week and not skipping sessions.

3) Train Hard

This is a big one for me, if you make time to go to the gym then please work hard when you are there. Your body is capable of incredible things but only if you push it! If you are doing weights, lift slow and heavy and feel every rep, if you are doing cardio at the gym or from home, then push yourself every time to do that extra kilometre or set a new walking speed record. Your body will always respond well to exercise and even more so if you are pushing yourself every session. One of the benefits of this is that you will probably sleep really well as your body needs that time to recover and repair your muscle fibres.

4) Take some ‘you’ time

I know how hard this can be, especially if you are a Mum, but it is so important to take some ‘you’ time occasionally. This could be as simple as a walk or a coffee at the shops and some time out or it could be a massage or a facial. Everyone leads such busy lives these days that between home, work and family we rarely take the time to just spend some time with ourselves and relax. If you are like me you probably just need a little ‘you’ time every couple of weeks to make all the difference to having a positive head space.

I hope these 4 resonated with you, there is nothing like the feeling when you are on top of everything and feeling great about the world, but sometimes it can be hard to stay there!

Stay healthy

Kim x

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