3 Great Reasons to Eat More Chocolate… (plus my recipe for my Gooey Chocolate Pudding!)

I love chocolate; the darker the better but of course if you eat it too often and make it part of your day to day lifestyle you are running the risk of putting on weight, but let’s face it what would the world be like without chocolate!

Thank goodness for raw cacao powder, I have always got a huge packet of it in my cupboard to quickly whip up some chocolate or a treat. It gets better, Cacao has the highest antioxidant value of all natural foods in the world – yes it most definitely is a ‘Super Food’.

Here are the three reasons I promised on why you should use raw cacao to create your own chocolate treats:

1)It has the ability to regulate blood pressure

2) It can reduce cholesterol while building the immune system

3) It doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugar levels (in saying this it is to be consumed in moderation like anything else)

Cacao has a mild bitter taste which you will grow to love especially once you have eliminated refined sugars on a regularly basis from your diet, as the chocolate found on the supermarket shelves will end up tasting too sickly sweet.

Raw cacao powder is so versatile, my son has a warm cacao milk every morning before school and it can be used to make all sorts of chocolate treats without the copious amounts of sugar. Cacao is not to be confused with cocoa, cacao is always in its raw state and coming directly from the Cacao bean whereas cocoa has been highly process and is stripped of all its nutrients and usually has refined sugar added.

Using cacao when making treats not only cures your chocolate cravings but it also benefits your health and can aid in weights loss as it’s a natural appetite suppressant.

If you would like to try a fantastic recipe using cacao, click here download the recipe for my gooey chocolate pudding, it will be a real hit with all the family!

Stay Fabulous

Kim x

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