Let me give you a little insight into what happened at the very start of my story, going right back to high school.

All throughout these years I was heavily into sport and I would literally try out for every sport that was on offer (basically to get out of school work, lol…) but also because I just loved the challenge.

When I got to year 10 I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I left school, have a career in health and fitness but I was told it was totally out of my reach and there was no way I would be able to achieve it!! (I think it’s safe to say I have I proven that teacher wrong).

That particular teacher advised me to become a secretary so I followed his advice, went to college for a year and then got a job. I stuck this out for a few years but deep down I knew this was not for me and I I felt no joy in what I was doing every day.

So in 2000 I left my job and spent the next two years studying full time in a course which covered all aspects of health including training and nutrition. I loved every single minute of it. I finished my course and got a job straight away as a Personal Trainer.

“My ultimate goal is to create an amazing global community where women know they are in a supportive & totally safe place which 100% helps them thrive and of course smash their goals!”

I knew the universe was looking after me and I was confident I was on the right track on this journey called life. Whilst working at the gym, embracing the early morning starts and the late finishes, I met my now husband! Yes, I was John’s trainer…. today we are happily married with two awesome kids.

After I had my second child I decided to get back into the health and fitness space after having some time off to care for my family, I knew I didn’t want to go back to working in a gym as I just couldn’t deal with the hours and commitment especially having my two babies at home.

Around this time Facebook was becoming popular and John and I had noticed two women in the USA running health and fitness programs online, so of course we contacted them and flew to the America to meet with them to ask all the questions we had.

This idea/dream I had in my head was in no way going to be a hobby for me, it was going to positively affect everyone around me so I wanted to see how these two women were executing this process. After meeting with them I was energised, I knew I could make my dream a reality but I also knew it was going to take a lot of hard work (I was not wrong!!). We arrived home so excited and launched my Kim Beach Facebook page in January 2013.

From launching my Facebook page, I spent 2 years posting free content twice a day. Answering thousands of messages and emails that would come through, most of which were asking for training and eating plans.

I was absolutely inundated so this was one of the main drivers for me to create my first ever training and nutrition program #noexcuses which was designed specifically for women who wanted to achieve sustainable weight loss .

From there I started writing new programs to suit different health and fitness goals and launched these commercially helping tens of thousands of women worldwide with their health and fitness journey.

In 2017 I decided to create an app and wow what a journey that has been! My app Kim Beach Life is my ultimate achievement and includes everything I have learned over the past 19 years.

It still blows me away at how much hard work and effort it took to get the app off the ground and I am super proud of what has been created and the AMAZING community of women it helps every day.

In my world today I feel I have achieved a really nice balance business wise, I have my app (3rd child), I am running fitness retreats around the world and I have the most amazing community of women around me who all share the same energy as I do which is all about embracing positivity, love and respect for each other.

My ultimate goal is to create an amazing global community where women know they are in a supportive & totally safe place which 100% helps them thrive and of course smash their goals!