Sugar Crash to Ironwoman! Meet Alisha, Superstar #172

Alisha feeling fit and fab!

I discovered the Kim Beach way of life a couple of years ago. At the time I was feeling very frumpy and tired. A lady at a local shop unfortunately had even mistaken me for expecting a third child! I looked around for some help with my way of eating, as I realised I was eating way too much sugar, and just the wrong combinations of everything. But I wanted something that was more of a lifestyle change, and sustainable – not just a diet!

Alisha before starting my program

I did the #noexcuses with great results. Then when #noexcusesvegan came out I wanted to try it and did great with that program also. From there I sort of drifted in and out of my healthy eating as stress went up and down – Plus I am a super un-organised person in the kitchen! Oops!

So, when the App Kim Beach Life came out I was SUPER excited! It is so much more fun and engaging than following a paper program. You can pick and swap your meals, pick and swap your training – or do your own, and it definitely is a great way of keeping track of your meals and progress. Perfect solution for the “adhoc-meal-cooking-person”. I can print my shopping list for my meals that I pick for the week and off I go.

As for weight loss, I have had lots of people ask how much weight I have lost? I am not sure as I didnt focus on this during the program but I can tell you after my most recent event I am down a total of 6kg.

Awesome effort by Alisha – our own Ironwoman!

Because I am following a healthy balanced way of eating I have discovered energy that I never knew I had. I have taken up triathlons and am doing my first half ironman distance in February and then my second in May 2019. Kim always says if your goals don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough – well I am a little scared, but I know with good nutrition and good training I WILL achieve my goals.

Alisha dominating the Ironman!

Most recent pic another 6kg down – woohoo!!

Totally recommend the App, and the awesome support group that goes along with it. You will not be disappointed whatsoever!


Congratulations Alisha, I absolutely love your story and it is one many women can relate to. Your determination to make a positive change is admirable and the fact that you are now doing ironman races is extraordinary – well done! x

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