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Michelle’s incredible 15kg journey | Superstar #171

Michelle, 15kg down through my app program and feeling FAB!

Michelle, 15kg down through my app program and feeling FAB!

“For me Kim’s weight loss journey has been far more than losing weight. My weight gain started around four years ago when I broke my ankle where I needed surgery and metal placed in my ankle. I wasn’t in a good place at the time as I had been suffering depression and having to keep up with an active son who has Autism who needed a lot of support and a husband on night shift.

Most of my life I have been active and thin. I started to slide into a very unhealthy life style. All the wrong foods crept in as I wasn’t able to be active. I started having a few wines at night to de-stress. I had gone from around 64kg to 88kg I did join a gym and lost 10kg and felt good again but I ended up with foot spures which was so painful. I started to get other injuries, back, tennis elbow and felt my body was falling apart, I ended up putting 12kg on over a 9 month period. I felt like I didn’t have the confidence to loose weight again. I tried my gyms 8 week challenge and failed, I joined an online 12 week challenge and just couldn’t commit.

Michelle set herself a goal of changing some bad habits that were affecting her life

I thought to myself I can’t do this I don’t have the confidence in myself anymore. I had a couple of friends doing the Keto diet but felt this was to hard for me to do and maintain. A friend of mine who was doing Keto Diet told me she had a friend who had lost a lot of weight on the Kim Beach program. So I went home and looked up Kim Beach and found the 7 day free trial on the app.

I found after the trial period I wanted to keep going so I signed up for a month. I loved all the food choices and found the program easy to follow and never felt hungry. My next step was to start changing some really bad habits. I new these habits had been around for a while so small changes is the road I took. I hate being locked into time frames so completing each stage and seeing results really motivated me to keep going.

After stage 1 I decided to sign up for another 3 months. I found that I had support I could have never imagined. Team Beach always answered my questions including Kim herself. The ladies in the group all help each other through the road bumps and the successes without any judgment. I love helping others as they help me. I’m am lucky I really enjoy exercise so this side of things has been my strength. At that time I had lost a total of 15kg!

Michelle is now one of my Kim’s Crew Ambassdor’s in NSW, Australia

I mainly follow my gym program set by my personal trainer but incorporate some of Kim’s training sessions which mixes it up for me and is easy to follow. I really love Kim’s challenges to keep things interesting and the weekend accountabilities. This is working for me as I always feel connected and makes food so easy with such delicious food choices. I thought this was a weight loss journey but it is so much more.  It’s a life style, my anxiety and depression have gone. I am able to go off my medication and I feel happy confident and in control of my life again.

I would recommend Kim Beach programme to anyone wanting to take charge of their life. Thank you Kim you have given me a life I never have experienced!!


Thanks so much for sharing your story Michelle, I know you will many others to start own health and fitness journeys and thanks for being such an amazing part of my Kim’s Crew Community!

Kim x

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