Success Stories

Fiona’s 27kg journey on my app program #170

“One of the main reasons I started Kim Beach was to become a fun active mum. I used to sit back and my husband did all the ‘fun active things’. Now I’m jumping on the trampoline, having water fights, playing laser tag and I’m the silly mum hanging upside down on the lounge – I had the best boost recently when my little 3yr boy said “mum your cool and you make me smile” it was the best feeling in the world!!

At the start of lasy year I joined up with our local gym for an at home program that worked for a while but I ended up putting weight on. Then we went on a family holiday in July and a couple of ‘moments’ occurred for me one was my sister in law posting a beach photo on Facebook (above) and the other was at a restaurant getting asked if I was in labor when I had back pain…..that’s right labor not just pregnant but in labor!

Fiona prior to starting my app program

So In August last year I thought it was time to really do something that would last. I knew I couldn’t just be worried about the kilos, I needed something more. I signed up for an 5km obstacle course with friends and thought I better train for that 12 weeks out. I remembered the great training with Kim Beach (I had done her #noexcuses program previously although I put that weight back on) and then discovered her new app program So I thought let’s try this to get me through the obstacle course.

Well that was the best decision ever!

WOW!!! Fiona looking totally FAB!!!

When people asked me what I was doing I would say I was training for the course.  I loved the new food menu and it has really been a lifestyle change definitely not a diet.

The obstacle course actually got canceled but after almost 4 stages/months down I actually have beaten a bigger challenge in my mindset.

The support in the App group as well as the App itself has helped me just enjoy life. If I have a meal off track it’s just that a meal and I refocus. This time it’s never been about kilos it been about bettering myself and my fitness.

The bonus has been weight loss with 27.5kg gone forever. I still have about 7kgs  to go but I’m actually wearing smaller sizes that I haven’t been able to wear since I was a teenager. I have a few of family and friends signed up to the app after seeing my results and how achievable using the app is in every day life. I have progressed through 7 stages of Kim’s app so far.

I would definitely recommend the app and actually only last month signed up for another 12months myself. Thank you Kim Beach and team!”

Fiona, your focus on determination throughout this journey has been inspirational! I am so proud of you, continue to inspire those around you with your drive to be the best version of you – Kim x

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