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How Jodie said goodbye to 30kg! #169

“Since starting, I have lost almost 30kg. More than that though, I am the leanest & fittest I have been for at least 25 years on the outside & my insides feel the healthiest I can ever remember!” – It was awesome to meet you in Sydney Jodie!

“I started Kim’s program last May after no longer being able to ignore the fact that I had tipped over the 100kg mark & was feeling the worst I had ever felt both inside & out. I knew deep down I needed to make major changes if I wanted life to improve – I just didn’t know where to start or, to be honest, if I cared enough to be bothered.

I have been overweight most of my teenage & adult life – a classic overeater, binge drinker, exercise avoiding, yo-yo dieter who has tried everything – every preparation, pill, powder & patch you can think of, there’s a good chance I’ve been there, done that & felt deprived for every second of it! Sometimes I was successful at losing weight, but I can safely say I was never successful at changing my mindset or lifestyle & fell back into old habits without much hesitation.

Jodie, getting starting on my program

Now, at 46 years old, decades of self-neglect & abuse had left me anxious, depressed & completely exhausted. My thyroid was broken, hormones were raging, my liver, kidney & gut health were a mess & my metabolism had almost ground to a halt. I suffered chronic pain, was angry, miserable, overwhelmed & the impact was not only hurting me, but also my beautiful family. I began questioning everything …

Is this as good as it gets? Is this how I want to live the rest of my life? Am I setting a good example for my family? Do I need this in my life? Does it make me happy? Am I worth the effort?

Sadly, the answer was predominantly NO. The idea of living the rest of my life the same way was depressing & terrifying, so I decided, for my own sake & that of my family, I had to change.

30kg down – looking & feeling amazing!

Like so many others, Kim’s program had been popping up in my Facebook feed & while I was curious, I avoided looking into it as I figured it was just another fad diet & freaky hard fitness regimen like all the rest. That was until I saw for myself the fantastic results the program brought about for some lovely ladies who are close to me. Their stories convinced me to try it for myself & well, as you can probably tell, since then, my life has changed so much for the better!

Since starting, I have lost almost 30kg. More than that though, I am the leanest & fittest I have been for at least 25 years on the outside & my insides feel the healthiest I can ever remember! While the detox in the first couple of weeks hit me hard, I persevered & since then I have thrived! My hormones are calmer, my gut is mostly pain free & there is happiness, true, deep felt joy kicking in a little more every day.

I have not felt hungry or deprived at all while on the program. I could feel the food working for me & slowly but surely, my body began remembering how to function more efficiently after years of being sick & stagnant. Having access to an eating plan that was easy to prepare, simple to understand & full of tasty food took the stress out of my week & I started to feel hopeful again after a long period of hopelessness.  It was such a relief & exhilarating to watch the kilos literally melt away!

Jodie, 30kg down looking fit & fab!

After 8 months of Kim’s Program I am fully committed to the principles & have a much more relaxed attitude towards food in general, no longer craving & caving in to sugary treats & then feeling guilty & self-sabotaging. I am realising it is easier & I feel better when I just say no & move on. Truly, it is!

I am so grateful to Kim & the team for everything this program does & offers. They are always there to answer questions & provide genuine support & advice. The Facebook group is full of AMAZING women – each on their own path, but always willing & able to build each other up! It makes the hard days easier & the easy days worth chasing.

The program is ridiculously affordable & the gains to be made are absolutely priceless. If you truly want it, then it will work for you. I am proof of that. I am definitely not an exception, merely an everyday woman wanting to get the most out of the rest of her life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you #teambeach!


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