Renee’s powerful 13kg journey #167

“13kgs down and I am still not at my goal weight, but I can tell you I feel stronger, happier and my depression is gone”

“I have always been active, eaten healthy and fairly happy with my weight. Then, after the birth of my beautiful daughter Bodhi my struggle started. I don’t think anyone can prepare you for the “Mum” journey ahead.

Suffering with post-natal depression, every day was demanding. I’ve never had any form of depression before and I didn’t like the person I was becoming. Gaining 20kg during pregnancy meant I hated the person I saw in the mirror. I knew something had to change. I knew all the things I should be doing, I just couldn’t put it into action. I felt so overwhelmed and made many excuses as to why I couldn’t before I even started.

Renee prior to starting her KB journey

During this time I was a member of Kim’s BeachFit Community and I would listen to Kim’s Facebook ‘Live Videos’ often. I loved the energy, positivity and outlook on life that Kim and her team had. Because of this inspiration I signed up to the eight week program and then following this downloaded the app.

When I initially decided to do no excuses my instant reaction was, what have I done. But I already told my husband and my close girlfriend so it was out there and I needed to stick to it. I still felt overwhelmed but then in a timely manner Kim brought out a video called “breaking the diet mentality.” She said, along the lines of “change what you can change and if that means eating well and going for a walk around the block, that is the start.” So at first I just followed the meal plan and started walking. I lost 6kg and then started the full program on the app.

Feeling physically & mentally fit, awesome work Renee!!

I love the food, love exercising again, I love that it is sustainable and can honestly say if not for the private Facebook support group I would not have succeeded. Weight loss journeys can be very lonely and scrolling through everyone’s posts makes you feel like you can do this. Celebrating people’s highs and supporting others when struggling makes you realise you’re not alone.

13kgs down and I am still not at my goal weight, but I can tell you I feel stronger, happier and I’m feeling amazing. If you are thinking about doing the program, sign up. Your future self will love you for it!


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Renee and I at my recent Sydney #superstar lunch!