My Journey to Finding Me – by Lania #164

Lania, 17kgs down and loving life!

“I was doing my usual routine before bed checking my emails when I realised there was one from Kim Beach….I read the same lines over again about a million times, squealed a little and shoved my phone at my husbands surprised face  as I couldn’t get the words out to explain what I had just read.

I just keep repeating OH MY GOD!! I couldn’t believe that little old Lania from Rakiura (Stewart Island NZ) had been asked to a lunch with Kim and her amazing team in Sydney…and to share my story is such a honour but also quite daunting at the same time.

I have written at least 3 versions of my story, and slowly I have put them all into one….I don’t want to leave anything out, but don’t want to write a book about it either.

Let start at how I discovered Kim Beach and her amazing programs…

I was on Facebook one day when a photo of my good friend Paula popped up on my News feed, she was literally half the woman she once was (in size not personality!). The photo’s she shared were amazing from her before to her after…I realised I desperately wanted that transformation for myself.

So I read what she had wrote and quickly looked up this Kim Beach, checking out the programa she had on offer. I asked Paula a few questions and then ignored it for a few days…

Life was not good for me at this time , in fact the last few years had been a write off…I’d put on a lot of weight after back surgery a few years ago which had in turn created more nerve pain at times, and just to make things worse I was also battling with a nasty facial rash that couldn’t be helped for the last few years. All of this left me suffering from anxiety and depression, hiding at home eating my sorrows away,  I had unwittingly locked myself in a cage. My relationship with my husband was suffering because of how I felt about myself and my inner voice had turned into my worst enemy. I had turned into someone I didn’t recognise.

Lania in Thailand – 6 months before starting my program

I cried some more about my situation and ate more food….and then went back to look at Kim’s program…I quickly brought the #noexcuses home version before I could change my mind and didn’t look back from that moment.

To be honest I actually never  thought  I would get very far. I just thought I would be lucky to lose a few kilos but set my goal of 63kg (my before children weight)  and thought what the hell, If I can make it back to that I’d be bloody amazed…

Having something else to focus on other than what was happening on my face was a relief, and following Kim’s program was something I could take control of, all I had to do was follow the food plan.

So I set my start date 1st February and headed off on a extended family gathering in Central Otago. I started reducing my sugar intake in the week before D day, and was inspired by my fit cousins heading off in the morning for a run or walk…I decided then and there I would be joining them next time in the new improved version of myself.

D day arrived, I’d prepped my heart out and got my lovely husband to take my not so pretty before pictures of me which I quickly put into the hidden folder in my phone and then took my measurements and weighed myself. I knew I was overweight but when there wasn’t enough measuring tape to fit around my hips I was still shocked. I recorded all this information in a little book.

“I cried some more about my situation and ate more food….and then went back to look at Kim’s program…I quickly brought the #noexcuses home version before I could change my mind and didn’t look back from that moment”

I  enjoyed the food but struggled to eat all the meals in the first week as my body was use to brunch time meals , man size portions and then hours without food feeling hangry. The second week my metabolism had well and truly fired up and detox was happening. By week 4 It shocked me when it came to comparing pictures and the cm loss…I couldn’t believe how fast my body was changing, and by week 8 I felt amazing, inside and out. I had so much energy, I was feeling happy & I was out exercising. I’d really embraced the private support group during this time, sharing what I never thought I would, my before and after  pictures. I was ashamed of the before photo’s and what I’d let myself become. But all the group saw were my positive results and in that moment, I felt very supported and nurtured as I was lifted up by everyone’s encouragement and kind words. Throughout my journey Kim herself and her team offered me advice, encouragement and congrats as I posted in the group about my meals, accomplishments & struggles.

I moved straight into round two of No Excuses and found by the end of it I was really wanting some food variety, it was perfect timing as Kim launched her new app Kim Beach Life….I was so excited! I joined up as soon as it was available and wasn’t disappointed. As a self-confessed foodie I really crave variety and the app had it all…I was like a kid in a candy store…but with nutritious healthy food!

“I well and truly broke that cage wide open, and found the goddess within”

The private support groups for Kim’s programs are awesome, they are one of the key pieces of Kim’s programs, you can be anywhere in the world and feel connected and supported & for me this was and still is such an important piece of my success. What’s better than woman supporting woman, nothing but success can grow from that, it’s friggin’ magic!!!

I’m still on the app – I love it. Its super easy to take with you all on your phone…. And I’ve learnt so much about fuelling my body with the right food at the right times &  portion control.

I’ve lost 17 kilo’s in total and over a metre of Cm’s off my body. I was a size 16 -14 and I can now wear a size 10 – 8, I’m a shortie at 154cm tall, so the weight on my body before I lost it was very noticeable. I have people ask me what’s my secret…and I say Kim Beach spelt like the beach…look her up she is amazing!!

Part of this amazing journey has been about rediscovered me…My internal voice changed and one day I clicked…I actually had started being nice to myself…Oh My God…I liked me! I started changing what I wore, I’d spent so long buying clothes that hid my body shape, but now I wanted to show it off! I had found my femininity again, it’s such a lovely feeling being able to wear a dress and feel beautiful.

I’ve realised I deserve to feel fabulous and fit. There is only one of you in this world and you deserve to put yourself first. So Ladies what are you waiting for , a magic pill? That will never exist but Kim does.  Go buy the App or sign up for one of her programs, I can guarantee you won’t regret it.

“I have people ask me what’s my secret…and I say Kim Beach spelt like the beach…look her up she is amazing!!”

Kim I have so much gratitude for you and your team for creating something that works so amazingly and it’s all very easy, giving us the tools to fuel our bodies for life.

I’m so excited for what is to come for me now…I’m bringing my mum to the Bali retreat next year, it’s going to be awesome.

At home I have amazing support from my two son’s and husband, mother, sister and friends. All cheering me on and telling me how awesome I’m doing. And I love that they share in my joy with me, thankyou my whanau.

I have set new goals, and I know without a doubt I will achieve them… And if your still wondering about my facial rash, It’s still there, it flares up at times. But I am slowly dealing with that too…eating the right food’s has helped a lot and with the help of an a great herbalist I’m confident it will soon be a thing of the past. My weight or rash no longer defines me, I am out and about living my life with joy and gratitude…I well and truly broke that cage wide open, and found the goddess within.

Lania x”

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