Help Team Beach build three houses in Nepal!

In April next year I am very proud to be leading a team of 26 amazing BeachFitters to build three new houses in Nepal in partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

Our project will take place in the Kavre region, about an hour and a half from Kathmandu where many families still remain homeless since the devastating 2015 earthquake.

NB: We also still have a few spots open on the team, so please click here to read more about the trip if you are interested!!)

Every member of the team is paying their own costs to attend the build and as a team we have a target to raise A$45,000 which will all go towards the costs of building the three new family homes.

We would love your support to help us reach our fundraising target!

Please click here to make a donation  now

I would like to introduce you to the fabulous team that will be joining me in Nepal. You can also read why they decided to join me on this amazing trip of a lifetime for an fantastic cause.

Maria & Mark

We have two boys who are 19 & 17 and are now on their own paths in life, so we find that we have a lot more free time and wanting more things to fill it.

We have both been talking about volunteering for something for a while. Mark tried out doing Volly Ambulance with St John but found he felt sick in the back of the ambulance so not a good start. As soon as I heard Kim Beach talk about Habitat for Humanity and building houses I knew it was something we would both love to do.

We get to volunteer and help out those less fortunate and get to combine it with travel something else we wanted to do more of. We both love that we get the opportunity to change a life.

Melissa & MJ

Hi, I’m Melissa from Sydney. In 2015 I had just started a little side business designing and selling ethically handmade felt products from Nepal.

The earthquake coincided with my first market stall! I donated all the proceeds back to the earthquake appeal. When this opportunity arose, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to finally visit Nepal and volunteer for such a worthy cause.

Can’t wait!! I’m on the right in this pic with my friend MJ who is also coming.


I am Foong from Adelaide. I usually don’t join Kim live due to lots of excuses 🤣 !!! But I was joining the live that night when Kim announced the Nepal trip. I always believe in event happens with a reason. I put my hand up straight away after the live call. Didn’t even discuss with my husband but I guess he is used to that behavior anyway 😅. I am a firm believer that in life, we need to give back especially when we are living in such a nice country. Supporting someone who is less fortunate is my privilege to be in the community. I want my sons to know that it is not all about them, they MUST learn to give and be generous. I know they want to come too but I told them that it is time to save money and give it to the poor. Good excuse to have my ” me time ” 😜


My name is Esther from Brisbane. I have a wonderful husband and four amazing children. We live a very blessed life but after a challenging year I feel like it’s my time to do something extraordinary for others. This trip to Nepal is very much outside of my comfort zone as I will be travelling alone but I am ready and willing to put myself out there for the greater good! I can’t wait to part in this experience with an inspirational group of people xx


Hello I’m Jodi from the Blue Mountains, NSW.
I’m very much looking forward to going to Nepal in April.
I felt it was a fantastic opportunity that I had to be a part of, not only for my personal growth as I haven’t done anything like this before, but to share a little kindness with the people of Nepal who really need our help.

Melinda & John

Hello, I’m Melinda from Tannymorel near Warwick in Queensland. Our adult children are leading lives we are proud of; one on the Gold Coast with her family and the other working in Canada with his partner. My husband John and I are embarking on this adventure together and although I am nervous about going out of my comfort zone, I think the timing is right to take this on. We have always been involved in community service and are looking to learn more about different cultures when we travel. This seems like the ultimate opportunity to do that and pay our good fortune forward working with others ❤️


Hi, I am Belinda from Sydney who is passionate about travel and is someone who regularly supports the local community and friends in need, through my volunteering and fundraising efforts. As my husband has been a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in the past, I was immediately drawn to this opportunity to join Kim on this adventure. I am also a proud mother of two beautiful daughters aged 8 & 11 and by participating in this experience I would like to set an example and inspire my girls that by having a genuine concern for others, through compassion you can help make a positive difference.


My name is Sammy and I’ll be joining the group from Adelaide.
I’ve always given to charity in the form of monetary donations but never in a hands on way.
I’m looking forward to putting myself out of my comfort zone and contributing to something so powerful.
The feeling we’ll get at the end when we hand over a house to a family in need is something I’m never going to forget. I look forward to meeting you all!


I’m Fiona and live in North Sydney . When I received the email from Kim I said yes to my partner straight away I knew I wanted to take this journey to help others and give back while I’m still able to. This going to be an amazing trip and I can’t wait to start it. I’m a bit anxious but very excited. My partner will join me in Delhi on the 20th for a week of travel in Rajasthani. Thank you Kim for including me in your journey xx

Tania & Rod 

Rodd and I are from Ipswich Qld and are excited to take this opportunity to make a difference. We consider ourselves very fortunate to live in such a lucky country where people rally together in times of disaster to get everyone back on their feet. We wanted to extend that helping hand beyond our own borders and being able to help build a home for a family and support their community seemed an opportunity not to be missed. The chance to travel combined with a worthy mission will undoubtedly create numerous personal rewards as well.


My name is Vanessa and I’m from Sydney, I’m super excited about joining you for this wonderful journey we are embarking on! “Everyone needs to be valued, everyone has the potential to give something back”.
I love these words by Princess Diana, they sum up why I was immediately drawn to this amazing opportunity and didn’t hesitate in signing up.
I receive so much satisfaction everyday through kind gestures and projecting warmth & positive energy onto others, it really is my lifeblood.  I can’t even begin to comprehend the impact that we will have on the community of Karve and how satisfied we will feel when we share something so significant with them next April, it blows my mind just thinking about it!  Add the richness of the cultural experience and wow just wow I really do believe that this experience will be life changing. Here is a pic of me and my children (who I will be leaving at home for the first time ever 🙌)

Ann, Ella & Jack 

I’m Ann from Brisbane. Since my kids were little, I have been discussing with them about volunteering abroad – basically so they could see not everyone has nice homes, iPads, School, etc! I had always imagined going to Africa but it’s super expensive and never figured anything out. Seeing Kim’s post, I was thrilled as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I enjoyed my time with the Kim Beach crew in Bali, I thought I wouldn’t mind getting down and dirty and building houses for those in need with this bunch! I am planning to bring my daughter, Ella (17) who has just graduated high school and now that I know men/boys can come too, I am going to bring my son, Jack as well (he is 16 and will be in Year 11 during the build). I am excited, as I think it will be a nice bonding experience (although my husband and third son, who is 14 so can’t come, will be at home!) and I hope it will show my children another part of the world and that not everywhere in the world is carefree (we are always doing trips to America, Europe etc so they have seen the cushy side of life). I hope this hits home for my children and the get joy out of giving to others as well as some gratitude for the life they have.


I’m Cheryl from Perth. Married to Tim together we have three wonderful sons aged 26, 25 & 21. All three have now moved out of home my youngest is living in Melbourne. For sometime now I have been thinking I would like to do some volunteer work so when I saw the KimBeach build project my first thought was I would love join, my second thought was I am not confident enough to do this but with some encouragement from my son who 2 years ago did a build in Cambodia said go for it mum. It will be so rewarding to know I can make a difference to a family who have been through and seen so much devastation. I am now super excited and cant wait to start. 😊


I’m Camille. I moved to Australia from the US almost 22 yrs ago after meeting my husband and moving to his home town of Perth. We have two amazing boys and have been lucky to travel around the world showing them different cultures and experiences. With 20 years working in the not for profit sector, I loved that was I was helping others but missed the tangible aspects of directly impacting someone’s life. So I wanted to get out from behind my desk and computer and see first hand how I can make a difference. I can’t wait to be apart of something so concrete (literally) and lasting 😁


I’m Clare from Perth, WA.
I’ve naturally always been extremely passionate about helping people less fortunate than myself.
As a child I volunteered at church & school raising money for appeals. I found watching the news hard because I wanted to help people but I didn’t know how.
At 14 I took a tour of The Body Shop factory & was so interested in the campaigns & what they did that I asked to work there.
The late Anita Roddick was an absolute inspiration to me in my teenage years with regards to the positive change that we as women can make to the world. I knew then that I wanted to be part of change for the better in the world but I still didn’t really know how I could make a difference.
The last 23 years I have been busy raising 4 lovely girls & are lucky enough to have a very fortunate life. So Im now in a blessed position where I can take some time out of my day to day life to really help others who are in need. When the earthquake hit Nepal in 2015 we sent a donation, as we do for every disaster & as much as that’s a good thing I really am so so excited to have this opportunity to do more. I just can’t wait to meet the families & actually build them some houses!🙏


I am Hayley from Sydney and work alongside Kim. I am joining the trip to make a difference to others lives, give a real purpose to travelling and to have fun ! Looking forward to meeting everyone x


I’m Clare from Brisbane. 2 of my 3 recent goals with Kim was to be bold and brave by accepting opportunities when offered. So, when Kim mentioned building houses in Nepal I was so excited I felt as though I was jumping out of my skin. Before kids, my husband & I were very fortunate to backpack extensively and Nepal has been on our list of places to experience with our 2 children. This trip is important for me for several reasons. It will get us out of our comfort zones & self entitled lives, I can show my children we can all make a difference brick by brick, step by step and, I am more than just what my family see. I am excited. The 4 of us are going, I will be buildng, and Daddy will be bonding with the kids!!😁


I’m from Hobart, Tasmania. I’m coming to Nepal because, quite frankly, it’s a brand new, completely different experience that is unlikely to come my way again so I’m going to grab it with both hands! This attitude has developed since I attended the Bali Retreat (where this photo was taken) and despite not knowing a soul, loved meeting an amazing group of positive women. This trip is an opportunity to catch up with a number of them again whilst doing something really worthwhile to help others. Really looking forward to it.


My name is Sarah and I’m stoked to be part of the Kim Beach Nepal build next year! I’ve always dreamt of doing something like this so when my friend Belinda asked if I would join her I knew I had to say YES and then somehow make it happen!

I’m a primary teacher who is passionate about children, education and helping others. I love travel and adventure too but with a young family the travel has been off the agenda for a while! I’m really looking forward to meeting the locals as I’ve heard so many people tell my how wonderful they are. I know the whole experience will be life changing!

Kim (Me!)

Its been a dream of mine for a while to find a way to be able to give back along with my amazing BeachFit community. I am so proud to be leading this team of wonderful people and I will be traveling to Nepal with John, Wes & Chelsea (John will be running Daddy Daycare!!).

Thank you so much for helping us as we head towards achieving our target of $45,000 – even just a few dollars will make a HUGE difference (Click here to donate to Team Beach).

I look forward to keeping you posted on our progress and of course the trip in April!!

Thanks again!!

Kim x

PS: Dont forget we still have spots left to join the team, click here for more information