NEWS: Important Update to my App Program

When I created my app I specifically designed it is such a way that this wouldn’t be possible as I believe the journey to success shouldn’t have a beginning or end date. One of the behaviours I have seen a lot in my 8 week programs groups over the past 5 years was people having a bad few days and wanting to start again!

You can use the app for a short period of time if that is your goal but it is really designed to be a lifestyle tool which will help you achieve your short term goals AND also keep you on track long term. Part of this I believe it acknowledging that you will experience a few bumps along the way but this is just part of the journey and it is important to keep moving forward rather then going back to the start.

That being said, I do understand that this way of thinking is difficult to adopt and this was explained to me in detail by a lovely lady who has been in my community for some time. It has always been my intention to make the app work for as many people as possible so you are now able to re-set your app back to stage 1/day 1 at any time.

If you would like to know how to do this (my team will have to do this for you), head to the SUPPORT tab and you can read how this works.

I hope this helps some of you who may have been struggling with the concept of moving forward past the inevitable bumps along the way.

Kim x

PS: If you have joined my app program in the past but were frustrated by not being able to start again, you can re-join at anytime through the app store and ask to be reset to the start by emailing my team on anytime.

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