Success Stories

Jenni’s story starts with her wedding dress & finishes with amazing results! #162

“When I started Kim’s program, little did I know how my life would change!

I have always been active and health conscious. My goal – to lose 5 kg and fit into my wedding dress. Here I was, 10 years later having tried many different diets, lifestyle plans and other exercise programs and that dress still wouldn’t fit.

After trying lots of different diets and programs, Jenni still couldnt reach her goal of fitting into her wedding dress!

My friends and I were going to see Kim launch her Beach Fit book here in Adelaide. I still remember having the conversation with my husband and pointing out the pros of doing Kim’s Program.

  • It is real food (food we already eat as a family).
  • A fitness program – that fits around our life, any time – anywhere; great for juggling the demands of shift work and young children.
  • Including a Facebook page full of support, which was far better than I could have imagined – practically 24/7, personal and inclusive.

Jenni looking radiant after smashing my programs, losing 6.5kg and feeling amazing!

It was amazing to learn the impact of how, when and what foods you eat affect your metabolism. Before commencing the program we ate the same foods with no success. The weights program was enjoyable; it provided me with ‘my time out’, which was very easy to follow. After completing the #noexcuses program and seeing the positive impact on my life, it was a simple decision to progress directly onto Kim’s maintenance program which offered so much variety.

After Christmas last year, I decided to set a BIG SCARY GOAL and complete #nolimits, Kim’s Build Muscle Program. It was very challenging both physically and especially mentally! During #NOLIMITS (and to my surprise) the physical end result became less important for me. The energy, strength, self love and overall gratitude for a fit, strong and healthy body, far outweighed how I looked – which was a bonus of course!

Jenni & her beautiful family today!

I cannot recommend KIM BEACH programs enough. The healthy real food and exercise will change your life, mentally, physically and emotionally. You will find a confidence, self love and happiness that will radiate into your and your families lives. My whole family has reaped the benefits of this fantastic lifestyle!

My Outcomes:

  • I can comfortably wear my wedding dress again, Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!
  • At 43 years of age – I am fitter and stronger now, than I have been for the past 15 years
  • I have dropped 2 dress sizes
  • And 6.5 kg’s has escaped from my body

THANK YOU to KIM BEACH, all the BEACHFIT ladies for sharing your knowledge and support!

What you are doing is amazing!


If you are ready to start your own weight loss or health & fitness journey, my programs will definitely help you achieve your goals!   Click here to read all about my programs   and please email my team and I on  if you have any questions at all – Kim x