Claire’s new role & my 2019 SUPPORT promise!


Meet Claire, my new UK Based Team Leader!

The support my team and I offer for the ladies on my progams really is the ‘magic’ of what we do.

Every time I ask anyone about my programs, the number one thing that they say everytime, is that the support groups are amazing and are a massive contributing factor to their success.

Its hard to explain to someone how amazing they are if you haven’t experienced them before, but without doubt they are the most positive, welcoming, non judgemental and supportive communities and just awesome to be a part of!

I am SUPER proud of all the ladies who contribute to this and of course my AMAZING team who are there 7 days a week to help you through your weight loss or health & fitness journey.

Today I am here to tell you that in 2019, we are taking this support to the NEXT LEVEL!

Firstly, both my App Program & the 8 Week Program support groups will now have real time support on offer for most of the day from Monday to Friday. Ally and I will be working the groups from 7AM-5PM Sydney time and then Claire, my new UK Team Leader will be taking over while we are asleep down under to be there in real time for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere!

Left to right: Ally, Geraldine & Jo (UK based) – AMAZING!

Geraldine & Jo will continue to provide their amazing knowledge and support over the weekends to ensure you stay on track on those two very important days!

With my app program successfully launched this year (and the Android version available from 7th December), I wanted to make these improvements to make sure that your experience with my programs is one that not only gets you the results you want, but that also leads the market when it comes to the ‘support experience’ with programs like mine.

Please join me in congratulating Claire on her new role as UK Team Leader and lets make 2019 your best year ever!

Kim x