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Kate’s fabulous 15kg journey! #160

Kate 15kg down, fit & fabulous!

Thanks for asking me to share my journey on your programs.  It’s hard to know what to put down as I have spent so much time thinking about all the positives that have come from your programs that I seriously could write your next book from an outcome based perspective! So without delving too deep here’s it in a nutshell.

When I happened across you on Facebook I had already begun to make positive changes but was still struggling to get my health and weight and I knew I had to make further changes but I was really confused about how to make these changes.

To say I was struggling with my health was an understatement and in the fortnight leading up to joining your program I was sick more than I was well.  For me it was really important that I learnt how to nourish myself in a real and sustainable way as I believed this was really important to any chance of lasting good health. I didn’t want to do gimmicky stuff – I personally want to eat real food and really enjoy it and I wanted to be a good role model for my kids.

Before she started my program, Kate really wanted to regain her health

I jumped on your no excuses program in February after sending my youngest off to boarding school.  In my eyes the timing was perfect.  After years of teaching my kids School of the Air joining your program allowed for a positive pivot point in my life.  The whole journey hasn’t been easy – for me there have certainly been a few challenges, the first being kicking my sugar addiction, realizing that quite a few foods just don’t give me good health, learning how to manage good health whilst travelling, an injury caused by being inexperienced and getting carried away with training and not listening enough to my body.  Every bit has been worth it though as I have learnt so much and I now feel fabulous and my health is the best it has been since I was 12.

I really doubted if it was possible to do your program in the middle of nowhere but I need not have feared, the food is real food and the private support group is just amazing with so much heartfelt support and sharing from all the ladies in there sharing the journey with you and the wonderful Kim Beach ladies that support the groups.  It’s no surprise that this comes up in the success stories you read online as it’s beyond peer.


Kate in Sydney earlier this year at my KB #superstar lunch!

Since starting your programs 11 months ago I have gained and  maintained good health. It’s now rare that I suffer any kind of ill health! I have also lost and maintained a total loss of 15kg. I have done this whilst living and working in one of the more remote and isolated parts of Australia and have spent months travelling on the highways and byways.  That’s how doable your programs are. I hope that anyone wanting to improve their health has the courage to commit to your programs, the reward of great health is definitely worth it” – Kate

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