New Improvements to my App – KimBeachLife!

Since I launched my new app program a couple of months ago, the private community and support group has grown into an amazing place, with so many women encouraging each other (along with my team) & sharing their journey together every single day.

The group have also been amazing at providing positive feedback and sharing ways I could improve the app itself which has been awesome.

We have released several updates on the back of this feedback so far and today I am very proud to announce that another major update is available from the app store today.

This version is the most comprehensive so far and I think you are going to love it, here are the four main updates:

1. New Daily Auto-Rollover Feature

You can find this new feature in the PROFILE section of the app. You can now choose to manually move the app forward each day (by ticking off your training as normal), OR you can set the app to ‘auto-rollover’ which means the app will automatically move forward each night at midnight.

Having both options is fantastic as you can still take a break from the app for any reason by turning this feature off, so the app stays on the same day until you move it forward OR you can choose to have the app move forward automatically every night.

You can read more about how this feature works in the SUPPORT tab of the app in the ‘How to’ section.

2. Next Stage Visibility

You are now able to see into the next stage as you approach the end of your current one (each stage is 28 days long and your training and meals update as you progress through each stage).

As you approach the end of your current stage, you will be able to see up to 7 days ahead in the MEALS tab (see the 7 day view here) and the first 7 days of the new stage in your TRAINING tab (and you can use these sessions to swap with your current day).

3. Re-organised Shopping List!

Your shopping list is now organised in the same way as your supermarket! Ingredients are broken down into FOUR new sections, Fridge – Fruit & Veg – Pantry – Meat & Deli, making trips to the supermarket even easier.

4. New Measurements

We all know that the scales never tell the true story of our progress, so I have included important new body measurements in a new section of your main menu (MEASUREMENTS). Your weight can also be found in this new section now.

You will also notice that in your weight training sessions, there is no longer a 3-2-1 countdown between exercises, this should help you complete these sessions even quicker!

If you are currently on the app and have any questions about the update, please check the new VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION in the SUPPORT tab which includes lots of details about this update.

If you would like to know more about my app program and would like to start your own FREE 7 day trial, please click here  

If you have any questions please email my team and I at anytime.