Let me walk you through a day on my app – KimBeachLife

I personally create and cook all the meals in my programs x

I get asked all the time about the type of food in my programs, a lot of people seem to have a certain perception of ‘healthy’ food and its one of the reasons I create all the recipes myself in my own kitchen. My recipes are designed for busy women, they can be cooked fast, and require minimal ingredients and prep.

I consider it my mission to show everyone how healthy food can taste amazing plus how it can help you reach your weight loss or health & fitness goals.

Let me walk you though what a day on my new app program looks like and please have a think about whether these meals are something you can embrace on the way to reaching your goals.

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Meal 1 – Breakfast –    Sweet Quinoa Porridge- Click here to download the recipe 

Meal 2 – Morning Tea –   Asapargus & Quinoa Muffins     Click here to download the recipe  

Meal 3 – Lunch –    Edamame Bowl (feel free  to add chicken!)   Click here to download the recipe 

Meal 4 – Afternoon Tea –    Sweet Green Smoothie – Click here to download the recipe 

Meal 5 – Dinner   – Maple & Balsamic Lamb   Click here to download the recipe 

I hope you enjoy all of these new recipes & remember if your goal this year is to lose weight, build muscle & shred or just maintain a healthy lifestyle then my new app program is perfect for you!

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