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How Michelle turned ‘diet fatigue’ into serious long term results! #156

Before Christmas last year, Kelly (my sister) told me about her friend who was doing the Kim Beach program and getting really good results with it. After several years of cycling through every diet under the sun, I thought ‘not another program that promises great results that I do for a few weeks but can never maintain’. I didn’t give it any more thought. New Year’s came and my pattern of feeling gross after indulging resurfaced its familiar head and I did my usual ‘need a quick fix diet to get me out of the woods’. I remembered Kelly talking about the program and asked her to remind me the name of it. I looked it up and wasn’t overly enthusiastic. After trying so many things that I could never maintain, I didn’t hold high hopes that this particular program would be any different. I had “diet fatigue”. I was so depressed about my appearance and low energy levels.

I had spent the whole of 2017 battling severe anaemia and previous to that exhausted from either being pregnant, breastfeeding or running after toddlers whilst working full-time. I was totally over feeling exhausted ALL OF THE TIME. With my 40th birthday looming in 2018, I started to experience the very cliché ‘I’m turning 40 this year and I need to get myself back on track’. This feeling and not knowing how to do it was enough to push through my fatigue and try Kim’s program. Kelly was keen too so we started together.

“I had “diet fatigue”. I was so depressed about my appearance and low energy levels”

When I learnt about the Facebook support group I thought ‘that’s not really my thing and I doubt I will engage with it’. Turns out I was wrong. The women in this group have been absolutely integral to my results (both physical and mental). I have learnt so much from the women and Kim’s Team about how to incorporate this program into my everyday life and thinking patterns.

I moved through Round 1 relatively smoothly (it was new and exciting and I could see my body changing before my eyes). Results slowed down a little in Round 2 and I found it harder to stick to the plan. I had to do some hard work and dig into why I was struggling. It was only by engaging with the support group (with the phenomenal women, Kim and her team) that I realised I was starting yet another self-sabotage cycle. (i.e. Do a program for a while and then give up when results start to slow down). Engaging with the support group helped me to learn that I had ‘all or nothing’ thinking patterns around food. It became clear to me that I have actually battled with disordered eating for years and how destructive ‘all or nothing’ thinking and behaviour is around food. With the help of the support group, I have learnt the importance of ‘consistency not perfection’.

The freedom this concept has given me is life changing (literally). I now know how to eat well and exercise consistently and when life throws a curve ball (which it inevitably does), it is not all over. I just get straight back on plan and keep moving forward (so liberating).  I am so grateful for the women who have shared their learnings about this in such an honest and generous way. It is the first program I have done that combines sensible and sustainable nutrition principles, effective exercise advice and ‘women power’.

10kg down, looking & feeling totally fabulous!!

I have also (surprisingly) loved the exercise component of the program. I have never been keen on the gym, let alone weights or a personal trainer! I quickly learnt through Kim’s online sessions and advice that weights were a high priority to support weight loss and lean muscles. I did the first 4 weeks of the home program and felt a bit clumsy. Like I didn’t really know if my technique was right. I decided to invest in a Personal Trainer for a few sessions to help me with technique. Sixteen weeks later I still see the PT and do additional weight sessions at the gym on a weekly basis. The weights room at the gym is now my favourite place! I can’t even believe that change in myself – who am I? I am, without a doubt, a much healthier and stronger version of my previous self.

I have enjoyed so many results from Kim’s Program. In the first 4 weeks as my body went through a de-tox and re-shape, so did my house. I got a burst of energy like I haven’t felt for years and started cleaning every cupboard in my house! House jobs I have been putting off for years due to lack of energy. I suddenly had energy and couldn’t believe the clarity in my thinking – the fog had lifted after so many years. I just thought I was exhausted from life (juggling work and young children).

Meeting Michelle in Sydney earlier this year


After suffering from severe anaemia throughout 2017, my blood tests at the end of week 8 showed my iron levels were back in the healthy range and better than they had been for some time.

My physical results have been very encouraging also, since I started I have lost 10kg and 98cms from my body. I can feel my strength building also. I’m starting to look leaner – so happy about that.

Would I recommend the Kim Beach Program? Hell Yes!! And I do every day! For someone who wasn’t even going to give it a go, I am so grateful that my sister told me about it and that we have shared the experience together. She’s also had such great results. We are absolute converts, I have now progressed to the Kim Beach App program.

I am incredibly grateful for this program. I cannot believe the radical change I have experienced (mind and body) in a few short months. I have learnt so much and feel so connected to a wonderful group of empowered women empowering women. Thank you to you all!

Congratulations on everything you have achieved Michelle, you are amazing! It was amazing to meet you and Kelly in Sydney and I look forward to following your progress through the app program and seeing you in Bali next year! Kim x 

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