You have to check out GoodnessMe Box’s special June box!

Yes… I am just a little bit excited about being asked by GoodnessMe Box to feature on their June 2018 box.

It was so much fun to go through all my favourite healthy products and choose exactly which ones to go into my very own box!

I first met Peta, the founder of GoodnessMe Box, last year at my book launch. She was awesome to talk to and her passion for helping people make positive choices about nutrition was obvious – her philosophy of ‘Food with Integrity’ is exactly in line with my own beliefs and values.

I love the GoodnessMe Box concept where you get a simple box of healthy food, products and treats delivered each month for a very reasonable price – its a great way to ensure you always have some good whole foods in the cupboard, which can only have a positive impact on your health, especially if you are an afternoon or late night ‘snacker’.

My very own KB GoodnessMeBox for June 2018!

I have friends of mine who treat the arrival of their monthly GoodnessMe Box as a family event, unpacking all the healthy items together which I think is a fabulous way to teach your kids (and partners!) great habits and highlight the importance of real food in your life.

I will be unpacking my June box ‘live’ on Facebook this Tuesday night at 8.30PM Sydney time (click here to find my main FB page) and running through each of the products included in this months box, as well as doing my usual ‘live’ Q & A – I’d love to you to join me!

If you would like to order my June GoodnessMe Box, please click here to learn more!

Kim x

PS: SPECIAL OFFER – use the code KIMBEACH at the checkout for $5 off your first subscription!