Welcome to my App – KimBeachLife!

I am so excited to announce that my new App KimBeachLife is now available from the App and Google Play store!

My 8 week programs have helped thousands of people achieve their weightloss, fitness and health goals, but life does not begin and end in 8 week blocks – a real health and fitness journey is for life.

My App is designed to give you all the tools you need to live a fit, healthy and happy life plus tick off all of your goals along the way. It is perfect for you if you have completed my programs in the past, are currently doing multiple rounds of #noexcuses or are looking to start your journey along with an amazing community of like-minded women all over the world.

When I was designing the app I wanted to take all the best parts of my programs and wrap them up in a user friendly way which also regularly provides new meals, new training and the ability to be totally flexible when it comes to changing your goals and the way you want to eat, all in easy to follow 28 day stages.

Some examples of what you can expect in my app Kim Beach Life!

Within KimBeachLife you will receive all of this and more:

  • Choice of 3 ongoing nutrition & training programs based on your goals: Weight Loss, Maintain & Shred. This means you can change your goals at any time and challenge yourself in new and different ways.
  • Access to over 700+ new meals including pictures, recipe/cooking instructions & shopping lists. I spent 2 months last year personally creating, cooking and photographing these – if you love the food on my programs, you will LOVE the food in my App.
  • The app offers specific Vegan, Vegetarian eating plans as well as well as balanced options.
  • Real time professional support from experienced Personal Trainers based in Australia, New Zealand & the UK, through my dedicated private Facebook groups. The support group is truly amazing and will keep you inspired every single day!
  • Daily training programs (weights and cardio) including video tutorials featuring both home & gym exercises, all within the App and at your finger tips.
  • Easily track, record & share your progress through each 28-day stage.
  • Features where you can change you training around, swap any meals you don’t love and reset back to day 1 anytime.
  • Choose to stay for 8 weeks or as long as you like

Just a taste of some of the 500+ new meals that will be released through my new app program in the coming months!

Above I have mentioned the professional support you will receive as part of your subscription to KimBeachLife, if you have done my programs before you will know how amazing this is and what a significant impact it can have on your success. So many people in my programs re-new their membership simply to stay in the support groups, as it is such a positive, safe environment, so the best part of KimBeachLife is that you get access to the support group as long as you like. I seriously can’t wait to see this group develop into an amazing worldwide community!

One of my key considerations for the App was also making sure it represented great value for everyone. You can sign up monthly, quarterly or annually and the price reduces the longer you subscribe. It is priced to be cheaper per day than my programs and with the new training and meals every 28 days I think you will agree it represents excellent value.

NB: You will also a FREE 7 day trial when you subscribe and you can cancel at anytime within this period and you won’t be charged – which means you can take the app for a test run at no risk!

Click below to visit the App store and check out pricing in your country

Click below to visit the Google Play store and check out pricing in your country

I really hope you choose to join my team and I, along with an amazing community of women, all supporting each other and truly embracing a healthy, fit & happy life!

It’s the KB way!

Kim x

PS: Check out Lania’s (below) amazing 17kg results on my app program here 

Lania has achieved amazing results on my app program!