Mel’s 8kg vegan #noexcuses story #139

“Having gained 20kg over the last 10 years, it was time to do something permanent. The kilos had crept on bit by bit. There were a number of life factors that contributed to this weight gain. The most significant contribution I believe, was studying to become a nurse and midwife, which then meant shift work.

During this time I had participated in personal training and clean eating but I began making poor food choices again and stopped exercising. My metabolism slowed. This is when my weight blew out to over 84kg.

Before “No Excuses” with my mum

I was not happy about how I looked and my energy levels were low. I needed to do something. This is when I started to look at what I could do to make a positive change. I needed something that was doable, maintainable and would work with my crazy, shift working lifestyle. For several months I read other women’s progress and success stories as they came across my newsfeed. In April I took the plunge and thought what do I have to loose other than kilos?

Having been a vegetarian all my life, I purchased the Vegan “No Excuses” program. I had not eaten solely vegan before, so looked forward to this challenge also. I set my start date as 1st May. I started mentally preparing myself for the changes ahead and told all who would listen what I was embarking on. I needed to be held accountable.

I will admit, it was challenging. After the first month I began to notice subtle changes. By the end of the program I was stoked. I had lost 7.5kg and 42cm. People were beginning to notice the changes. I was certainly feeling the changes. I had more energy and I seemed to cope better with night shifts. I actually found the program easy to maintain whilst on nights. My metabolism was on fire, the 80/20 rule works!

Post round 1 of #noexcuses and looking fab!

Since completing the “No Excuses” program , I have managed to maintained my weight loss, fluctuating 2 – 3 kg. During this time my food choices have not always been on target and as a result I found my last lot of night shifts a struggle and I don’t feel as energised. I have not reached my target and will therefore be embarking on another round of “No Excuses”, this time with exercise included. This time I will be doing the gym program, as I have discovered I need the accountability and structure of a gym.

Thank you Kim for creating a program that really works and the team of wonderful Beachfit coaches that answer all our questions and encourage us to keep going.

To anyone reading this and wondering whether they should give this program a go, my answer is yes! What have you got to lose, other than weight?!

Mel x”

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Kim x