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Gina’s powerful 9kg #noexcuses story! #135

“I’d  like to say a Huge  THANKYOU to Kim and her team . I have results , inside and out!!!
I’m a 48 nearly 49 year old mum with two beautiful kids and husband. I used to exercise sometimes twice a day thought I ate healthy , and was never happy with my body. I have always used food as my happy place and sad place and in my mind, I was my own worst enemy. I struggled through my early twenties thinking I had to be skinny to be accepted. So my eating disorder began for many years, it controlled me. It was my biggest secret I kept from everyone. Only when I met my husband did I feel free to be me and I told him what I was doing.
But my need to control my body and my thoughts that were running through my head continued.
I become a Gym junkie I would be up at 5am train then work, lunch train, then a half hour walk to the car, to then train again till 7pm which went on 6 days a week.
Only when I seriously injured my arm at work, did the training have to stop.
My weight yo yo through the years since then, with pregnancies and getting older. It became harder to keep the weight off and be happy with my body.

Gina before and after

 I had seen Kim Beach on my FB page for a few months. I wasn’t overweight, I just wasn’t happy with my food choices. I needed some guidance on healthy  consistent eating. I lived on chocolate from when I woke up at 6am to get me going, till late at night, to keep me awake. So in July I signed up with Kim, it was tough those first few weeks. My chocolate cravings were bad. I had headaches and I was a bit grumpy haha!
But after that I got into a routine and I started to enjoy the food and the challenge of exercise. I couldn’t do a lot of exercises because of my nerve damage in my arm. But I stuck to the 80/20 principal.
I have gone from 59 kg to 50 kg I’m only 5,1 so any weight gain looks more than it is .

Gina looking fabulous at my August VIP Luncheon

The bonus was losing the weight. The biggest achievement is now not being scared of food. Healthy clean, eating can be quick and tasty.
The encouragement and positivity I received from Kim Beach and her Team has been amazing. Also, seeing other woman’s journey with Kim’s program,  made me keep going. I have now signed up for No Limits to push myself. Looking forward to the challenge.
Big big THANKYOU again”
Incredible Gina! You are such an inspiration and I am so proud of your consistency! Congratulations. You will smash #nolimits!
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Kim x