Trish’s Amazing 11kg Success Story! #128

“I have struggled with my weight since my 30’s, so now over 10 years. I have started and stopped so many eating plans and exercise regimes that my husband barely comments when I mention the next one.

When I spotted the Kim Beach way of life, I took a couple of weeks to research into it to decide if it was for me, I really didn’t want to fail again. The theory behind this plan makes total sense and I love that certain food groups are not excluded (eg. Carbs)

What I realised after I started is that you can’t actually fail this as it’s not a diet. Yes, you can go off plan too much and not do the exercise but the plan is showing you how to eat healthily and not diet and any steps to learning how to eat healthy and fuel your body correctly is a win. I’m in my mid 40’s and I have finally learnt how to fuel my body and incorporate some new food into mine and my family’s menu.

It took me a few weeks to settle in to the plan and get used to the preparation and having the right ingredients in the home. After 3 weeks, I started to feel really good, so following the plan from then was much easier.

Trish before and After #noexcuses

I lost 11.4kg during the program  and am now into Round 2. I am almost half way into my journey and really look forward to the next rounds and beyond. The biggest thing for me was to get my head around the 80/20 rule in terms of food. I have learnt that I can eat takeaway, go to a restaurant or dinner at a friends’ house and the next meal I just go back to plan. This is a long term way of life.

This program has made me really reflect on what I want to achieve and to be the best that I can be. I have had some niggling injuries that I chose to ignore for a long time, so have been a regular at the physio and doing pilates 3 times a week to strengthen my core and glutes before I start running again. This may take a while, but that’s ok, as I’m heading in the right direction.

For the first time in years, I have a plan and some goals and I love this! For the first time I am looking after not only my health but total wellbeing, along with a couple of injuries I’m addressing my insomnia and inability to relax. There are so many tools out there for meditation, sleep advice etc that I am loving learning about these.

The closed Facebook page is so invaluable. I am so surprised at how inspiring this page is. The support from Kim’s Beachfit team is amazing and there’s an answer for almost everything.

I love that you can post a menu of the restaurant you’re heading to on the weekend and members can post advice on what to choose, as well as advice on substitute exercises, amazing recipes, the best teas to buy and heaps of other product info, it’s full of great ideas and great women (some incredibly funny)!

After years of making excuses, I’m far from perfect but the excuses are getting less and I’m happier for it!


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Kim x