Some awesome people I would like you to meet!

Laini and I share very similar beliefs when it comes to food!

Every so often I meet some awesome people who have been on a similar journey to John and I.

This was definitely the case several months ago where I first got to meet Laini & Jordan from The Wholefood Collective.

For ages my team and I have been trying to point people in the right direction to buy some of the healthy ingredients in my programs and recipes (think psyllium husks, quinoa, nutritional yeast and oh if I had a dollar for everytime I was asked about LSA!).

I do have my favourite local organic store but it can be really hard to find these type of ingredients in supermarkets and especially online in Australia (sorry to all the kiwi ladies but TWC is not delivering there yet!)

Just some of TWC range x

This is why I loved the idea of The WholeFood Collective where you can order so many healthy ingredients easily online and why I was very happy to contribute and be a part of what they are doing.

I loved the idea even more when I heard all about the amazing new plans for what Laini and Jordan were doing with the business they built from the ground up over the past couple of years (BTW did I mention they have 5 kids!).

TWC have a mission which is to make ‘healthy food available to everyone’ and you can click here to find out about the exciting things they have to offer including their epic web relaunch competition which has some awesome prizes!

They have put together a special page called ‘Kim’s Kitchen Essentials’ which features a lot of what you need for my own programs and recipes but please go and check out their new site as there are lots of special offers especially for new members.

I really love what Laini & Jordan are doing with The Wholefood Collective and I hope you do too!

Kim x

PS: As a special offer to you guys you can use the code KIM10 for a further 10% off everything in the range between now and the end of October.