I love Sofi’s new mantra & her fantastic 6kg results! #127

When I reached the point of seriously wanting to lose weight, I was unmotivated and reluctant to commit to any food regime. I was hard on myself and believed that I merely needed to be “good,” and that meant, eating more vegetables, exercising and no sweets. This was my straightforward plan of attack, for weight loss. Yeah right!

Until I discovered the easiest and most sensible program to weight loss, I have ever come across with fantastic long lasting results!

I have always enjoyed exercising but never focused on what I was eating. Occasionally the food portion notion would slip into my routine but when I look back, my downfall was snacking on the wrong foods in between my meals.

I went through years of successful yo-yo dieting, and of course, with these cycles, I was never able to maintain the weight loss, long-term. The Kim Beach Program changed my thinking and my attitude towards food and weight loss. I lost 6.6 kg during the program, and I found it relatively easy and, dare I say, enjoyable. I have spent a lifetime exercising and struggled to lose 2 to 3 kilograms at a time.

Like most people, I am a busy, full-time working mum, with two children – excuse #1. I then reached 46 years and resolved in my mind that it was my age and my slow metabolism that what was getting in the way of successful weight loss – my biggest excuse #2,

I was recommended the #noexcuse program by my two dear friends, Catherine and Elizabeth. They got me thinking about the program. Separately, they spoke to me about the types of the meals they were preparing, and I could see their terrific results.  Subsequently, I read about the program in detail and read some inspiring stories. The real clincher was when I decided to take my before shots (in my undies!).  I signed up, received the program and started the very next day!  I felt ready, determined to succeed but also extremely anxious of failing. All or nothing.

The Kim Beach Program has changed my thinking and my attitude towards food. It was important that the program was simple but what inspired me most was there was no calorie counting. The meals were easy to prepare, and the recipes included a variety of fresh foods and covered all food groups.  All the thinking, careful planning, shopping lists, recipes, are conveniently and thoughtfully taken care of, tried and tested (an almost guarantee).  All I needed to do was to follow the plan, and I did, 90% of the time. It was a little personal test which was to simply follow the plan.

My Total Weight loss = 6.6 kilograms

My motto and my advice to others as I got into the rhythm of the plan was to praise and share what I believed to be the best kept little secret, and I wanted to share this knowledge with everybody. I referred to it as being the Kim Beach-way, and it went something like this:

Don’t make this a big deal; this is how you eat now, this is how you live now!

This is not a diet, but a healthy wholesome way of life!

Eat good food, every day, simple!

Take it one day at a time and be PPP (Prepare Plan Prep) obsessive.

One final praise as I conclude my journey is the unique online support group which is exclusively for members of #noexcuses and complements the program fabulously. I enjoyed reading the supportive posts, confessions, funny stories, food and personal inspirations most of which resonated with me.  Anytime I experienced moments of doubt, my #noexcuses community news feed would come to the rescue and put my thinking into perspective.

My epiphany statements following the program:

  • I love how strong I can be and how powerful I feel when I’m on track.
  •  I am fascinated that food has done this amazing thing to me.
  • I feel happier when I am eating well, less irritable and I have more clarity in my thinking.
  • Today, I feel empowered and in control and this is truly an awesome feeling.

Thank you, Kim Beach and Team you are the real superstars!

Sofi x

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Kim x