See how Natalie inspired her family and said goodbye to 11.5kg! #112

Natalie 11.5kgs lighter with her beautiful family

“Hi Kim,

I joined up to No excuses earliee this year, at a point where I was the heaviest I’ve ever been and feeling despondent about my weight. I spent so much time thinking and worrying about what I was eating, and was always second guessing whether I was eating right. I kept seeing the Kim Beach ad pop up on Facebook and the idea of following a meal plan (and not having to THINK about what I was going to eat!) really appealed to me. When I read some of the stories, I thought ‘they sound just like me’. Time poor, unhappy with the way they had felt, and the programme had really worked for them.  I thought I’d give it a go but wasn’t optimistic that I could lose more than a few kilos.

Up until I had kids, I was an active Physio, always exercising and loving it. I was able to control my weight with regular exercise.  I’d always had a strong looking, bigger frame with a big bust and thought that was just me.  But 8 years and 2 kids later, I was struggling to fit in regular exercise, was working every evening, was eating through boredom and tiredness, and had a 41 year old metabolism that just seemed so sluggish. I was slowly but surely gaining weight and I hated it.

I jumped in boots and all into the No excuses programme. I fitted my exercise in the mornings and I ate as close to 100% as possible. The changes started to happen almost straight away and I was thrilled to lose 8.7kg and 25cm overall.

Natalie showing her transformation!

Since finishing no excuses, I have maintained my weight loss and have even lost another 2.4 kgs. I weigh less that I did when I was 20. But more importantly, I now know how to eat. I am so confident in the food choices I am making, and even if I have a day “off plan”, I know exactly how to get back on track. I love that there’s no guilt on this programme, just support to make the next day a good one again. I have changed how our family eats , and am so happy that I can educate my kids so that they know how to eat healthily as they grow up. Having a daughter makes me so aware of this. Maybe I can save her some of the ups and downs that I went through with my own body.

The support within the No excuses Facebook group made all the difference to me! Support from the Beach Fit ladies and from the other ladies on the sae journey kept me going at times when my motivation dropped. It is the most encouraging and supportive group I’ve even been part of, women cheering each other on with their weight loss.

I am so grateful to Kim for putting together a programme that works and is so easy to fit into normal life. If you want a rocking body and want to learn a new way of eating good, REAL food, don’t wait – this programme works and it will change your life x”

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Kim x