Read Jodie’s brand new chapter in her health and fitness journey! #119

“Where do I even start with telling my story? I think everyone’s story or ‘journey’ to health and fitness never really has a beginning, and if we are truly honest with ourselves, the ever evolving story line never ends.

But the chapter in my story that introduces me to Kim Beach and her program is by far the pivotal ‘plot twist’ that is changing my health and fitness journey from a roller coaster ride of success and failures, to a happy, educated journey to self-love and appreciation of what it takes to truly alter your thinking and put yourself and your body first.

I have endured years of yoyo weight gain and loss since my early teens. Fluctuating between 58kg and 84kg (I stand 5ft tall), any weight gain looked triple on me.  But the fundamentals to programs really were all the same…calories in vs calories out! Eat it…burn it off!

Jodie November 2015

Close to my mid 30’s my mindset started to change.  I wanted to be educated on how to fuel my body in a consistent way that was simple, easy to understand and would teach me life lessons that I could implement daily while still enjoying my very ‘social’ life.  I was sick of the ‘punishment’ and ‘shame’ that came with the all or nothing mindset.

Scrolling Facebook I saw Kim Beach’s page and started looking in to the program…and decided to give it a crack. My 1st round was completed in 2015 I lost 7kg and I would say I was probably 70% compliant.

But it hadn’t really ‘clicked yet’, I hadn’t made the changes in my subconscious, so….after
my first round, my old ways crept in and a few kgs quickly came back and my muscle said ‘catch ya later’ lady.

Jodie Sept 2016

So…forwards to 2016 – Second time round.  THIS was my ‘ah ha’ moment. And I haven’t looked back since!!!

I didn’t take before photos, or measure or weigh in! I had an idea of what I was to begin with, but second time round it was about more than that.

The scales were no longer my friend…round 2 saw me drop almost 2 dress sizes and only around 4kg.  I started to see muscle definition I never thought I would.  I followed round 2 with back to back round 3 and the rest as they say is history.

Well…actually no it’s not, it’s present, and it always will be.  I continue my challenge with weight and nutrition daily, I have good days and bad days, job commitments and demanding kids….but now I have the tools to continue to slowly change conscious (have to think about all the time) behaviour to subconscious (habit) behaviour.

Jodie in June 2017

Skip through a few chapters to 2017 and I have just completed round 4 of #noexcuses….my little secret is I like being in the group. I love how the women in the group empower each other to be the best versions of themselves, with no judgment.  And sometimes we need that to get through another day.  I have never been a part of a more uplifting and positive social media group…which is why I keep going back for more!

On the back of round 4 I was lucky enough to attend a VIP lunch with Kim and 19 other superstars….Kim is literally what she promotes and educates.  What an amazing women who is investing her life into helping others achieve success in body and mind.  I love the Kim Beach philosophy, I love that making a mistake doesn’t mean fearing admitting it out loud, I love that this program is educational in introducing the basics of a whole new way of thinking about how to fuel your body with wholesome nutritious food and achieve a real change in body composition.

My story isn’t at ‘the end’ …it’s just time for the next chapter.”

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Kim x